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by Ann W

Since Ann Z and I are both librarians, our site wouldn’t be complete without a list of books. This particular list is children’s books that feature glasses as a subject, or characters in them wearing glasses. And if you have an older child like mine, don’t forget to point out that Harry Potter wears glasses . . . I believe Franklin felt an instant connection to this character through his glasses, even though he’s never seen the movies! This list is by no means complete; if you have other book suggestions, please let us know!

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Reviewed Books: Amomofelly began reviewing books for Little Four Eyes, and others have stepped in to help review books, too.  Each list has reviewed books at the top of the list, with links to our reviews.  If you are ever interested in writing a book review of any of these (or any other book that you think would fit here), please let me know (  We are not paid for our revieweds

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Books about wearing or getting glasses:

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Books about patching

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Books that have glasses or characters wearing glasses, even though they’re not specifically about wearing glasses:

These are books that have nothing to do with wearing glasses, but they have pictures of kids wearing glasses, or just pictures of glasses (in the case of some of the word books). I wanted to add this category because I think it’s nice to have some books that depict glasses as just a normal thing without making a big deal out of it.

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52 thoughts on “Books For Kids”

  1. My two year old loves ‘The Goody Good glasses.’ Its a Veggie Tales book. Its short and rhymes. Its a sweet and positive book.

  2. GREAT NEW BOOK! I’ve been meaning to tell you about it for ages, but it kept slipping my mind. It’s called “Princess Peepers” by Pam Calvert, and it’s about a little princess who *loves* wearing her funky glasses, but then feels bad about them when she gets teased by the other non-glasses wearing princesses. She decides to go without, and all sorts of craziness happens. It’s wonderful, you’ll have to check it out!

  3. My daughter’s new favorite book is My Travelin Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw.

    You already have it on your list, but I just wanted to say that it’s a wonderful book that kids AND their parents will enjoy!

  4. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Meredith Braunstein and my husband and I just wrote a children’s book called Don’t I Look Smart?!. It can be found on If anything please tell me what you think. I would love to hear comments.

    This book was written for our beautiful son Zachary who is 3 years old. He’s been wearing glasses since 9 months and has embraced them. :)

  5. Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses is a new book for kids selling like hot cakes. Kids are even sleeping with the book under their pillows. A book in rhyme with hidden glasses throughout the story make this a one of a kind book. Randy Kazandy is getting his first pair of glasses and he doesn’t like them so he has many tricks up his sleeve. But, mom on guard will not be outsmarted by dear Randy and has a plan. The book ends triumphantly and Randy Kazandy has a motto: “I love being me” that is catching on. The book is sold everywhere and now on the Jobson Optical website. Please visit and for more information about Randy Kazandy. Free games on the website to strengthen kids eyes. This book has a gentle lesson of self acceptance.

  6. I found a great book about a little girl who neds a patch. My daughter loves it!

    The Pirate of Kindergarten By George Ella Lyon

    Ginny was not born a pirate. But since her birth she was headed in that direction.
    This book tells the story of Ginny’s voyage towards earning herself an eye patch – a voyage made mostly at school.

    No other kid there had the honor.

  7. My four year old son loves the book Tracks by David Galef. Since it is out of print it has been a bit of a pain to get but it was worth it. Luc loves trains. So being able to find a book with trains and about someone with glasses was a real find. I am so glad I was able to find this website and this list of books. It has really made our transition to glasses easier.

  8. The “Third Grade Detectives” series by George E. Stanley and the “Magic Treehouse” books by Mary Pope Osborne both have boy main characters wearing glasses.

  9. Hi, we are looking for a children’s book about how to take care of your glasses for our 3 year old and his classroom – about being gentle, other kids not pulling them off, putting them away during nap, keepign them clean, etc… Any thing like this out there? Thanks!

  10. HI Mary! Sorry, but I don’t think I’ve seen any books that deal with glasses “care”. Some of the other books listed might mention it in passing, but nothing springs to mind. Maybe this is a book opportunity staring you in the face! :) Good luck!

  11. Hi, was trying to get hold of Princesses Wear Glasses for my 3-year old daughter. do you know if it is available in the UK?

  12. “Ella: The Little Ladybird with a Big Heart” by Alex.T.Smith is our favourite book at the moment! It retells the story of Cinderella, however ‘Ella’ is a beautiful specs wearing ladybird who drops her sparkly glasses at the Grand Bug Ball and Pierre the handsome painter uses them to find her! It’s gorgeously illustrated and set in Paris.

    1. Oh, that sounds lovely! Thanks for sharing! It looks like it’s only available from Amazon UK at the moment, I hope it makes it over here some time soon!

  13. Wonderful books. I have been hunting the internet for good books to read my little ones so thanks! Here is a list with more books for kids but not category-specific like this one, check it out books for children. Hope it helps.

  14. Another good book is “I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses” from the Charlie and Lola series. Lola really wants glasses because they are so pretty, and she is upset that she doesn’t need them. My glasses wearing daughter loved it. It is a great book for making kids feel good about their glasses.

  15. I came across another one: Glamorous Glasses by Barbara Newman.

    “Bobbie and Joanie are best friends and best cousins, and they do everything together. So when Joanie has to get glasses, Bobbie figures she’ll get them, too—especially once she discovers the fabulous frames on display at the eyeglasses store. Meanwhile, Joanie has the opposite reaction. Glasses make her feel different and look different. And they’re uncomfortable. So the ever-resourceful Bobbie comes up with a perfect plan to make both of them happy.”

  16. I am lost. Age 3 I was told my daughter may need reading glasses, six months later her left eye started to turn in. 1st optometrist orders a mild prescription glasses for hyperopia and astigmatism. The eye turned in worse, I seek a second optometrist he prescribes od +4.50 and os +5.50. Now, confused I seek my physicians advice. He sends me to children’s hospital to see an opthomologist who diagnoses her with Anisometropia, amblyopia and strabismus and agrees with optometrist number two. She wants to put her in high powered lenses, if the eye still turns then patching and less
    Ikely surgery. I call optometrist number one as I bought glasses from him a few months earlier. He disagrees with that approach and wants to increase the prescription a little at a time. He said its like giving a person with a headache 4 Tylenol when 1 may work. He also said that the way the glasses will look may affect her self esteem which im not going to lie, i worry a bit about too. First and formost should i try his little by little approach? Would this risk damaging her eye or is it actually better to do it this way. I’m so confused, what should I do? I’m scared I’m messing up. I love her so much, I just want to do everything I can for her.

  17. There is a wonderful book I discovered when we went to the eye doctor for the first tie with my four year old son today. It was called, “I Can See Just Fine!”. It was funny and adorable! What perfect timing it was to find the book and read it several minutes before my son was examined!

  18. I have independentely published a book called No Glasses for Me that I think you might be interested in. It is about a little boy who becomes very upset when he finds out he will have to wear glasses. He thinks the children in his school will tease him. He discovered that having some unique glasses make the other children envy him instead of teasing him.

  19. Can you add that My Bright Blue Glasses can also be purchased through the author at ( or Right now it just shows up as being available on amazon.
    Thanks. Cynthia

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