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Browse through the pictures to see just how great glasses can look on kids, and that they really don’t hide your child’s beauty (that was one of my fears), or let your child take a look at other kids who are also in glasses. If your child’s photo is featured on this page, please grab one of our fantastic badges to let people know! Submission and copyright information. Looking for even more pictures of young children in glasses? Check out these other photo galleries:

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237 thoughts on “Children in glasses photo gallery”

  1. I have a link in the header of my blog:

    C is 14 months old; she started wearing glasses at around 7 months for farsightedness and strabismus.

    The glasses are Miraflex brand with an elastic tie in the back. Miraflex comes in several shapes and sizes. Should be available at any optician’s office. C’s is the rectangular shape.

    – Frame is manufactured out of a single piece of malleable material with non-metal components.

    – Bridge is anatomically designed.

    We’ve been happy with it so far.

  2. Maggie got glasses when she was 6.5 months old. I noticed one of her eyes looked towards the side when she focused on something. She has exotropia in her right eye + is very near-sighted (-4) in each eye. It’s been a struggle to get her to keep her glasses on, she is constantly pulling them off + gnawing on them! I hope once teething is over, she will leave them on.

    She is also the brochure cover girl for her eye dr!

  3. That is my little guy, Nathan. He is 3 1/2 and started wearing glasses about 2 months before he turned 3. He is far-sighted in both eyes (+4). From the first day he put them on, he has left them on – I truly think he knows he can see better and doesn’t mess with them. We are still using the same frames almost 10 months later.

  4. I’m not sure the actual name of them – but I bought them at a special children’s optimical store – all they do are kids. They are a special metal that you can actually squish in your hands and they never break. They have “spring loaded” arms – so when my ds stretches them out to put over his ears – no problem. They were expensive – but its worth it since I’ve never had to replace them as of yet.

    Also at costco they have the similar ones – cheaper – I also have a pair of them – that are his back-up frames.

    I originally picked really cheap frames at costco as his back-up pair – and he broke them the first time he tried to put them on – so to me its worth the price to get the spring loaded arms.

    Also – I’m in Canada – so I’m not sure if we have the same products as you would.

  5. Elly was having an “I hate my glasses day.” So, I pulled up this page and we looked at all the cute kids in glasses and read their names. By the time we got to Zoe, Elly had her glasses on again and said she wanted to wear them, like all the other kids. =)

  6. My 29 month old twins wear glasses due to high nearsightedness. They wear the fisher price ones right now but we want to get them new ones. Does anyone else have children that have high myopia? Please let me know. Thank you! Carol

    1. I know you wrote this a year ago, but my daughter has high myopia (-22 in both eyes), diagnosed at 3 mo old, she is now 8 mo. We are in fisher price right now as well, but my PO has her in contacts, the glasses are just for backup. I hope you are doing well, not that the twins are a year older!

    2. hey my daughter has severe myopia -8.50 her doctor prescribed her glasses yesterday i will be buying it today. shes 18months now and has aniric glaucoma aswell as myopia

  7. Virtualbiscuit / Maggies mom
    Your daughter looks adorable in glasses!! What brand are they? It sounds like my son has a lot in common with her. He is 5 months old and has been diagnosed with Brown syndrome, exotopia and myopia. I am going to pick up his first pair of glasses on Tuesday. Any tips??

  8. just wondering Ann where you got the little nose piece on the earlier glasses for Zoe, that would be great for Paris. I have never seem them in Oz.

  9. Maggie wears Pez frames (they have a LIFETIME warranty: awesome value) + Float Kids frames (as seen in picture, 1 year warranty).

    Both are metal flexible frames, purchased from her eye doctor.

  10. I wish I had some tips for you, Darlene. I cannot get Maggie to keep her glasses on to save my life. I’ve tried different tricks such as putting her down for a nap in them so when she wakes up she forgets she has them on to trying to keep her hands busy. The doctor + I both think she is very sensitive to things touching her head which is why she fights the glasses so hard.

    I hope you have better luck than us!

    I could have screamed when I took her in for a check up the other week to have the doctor tell me Maggie could go a year or so without glasses + be fine. Nice of him to mention that after I spent 500.00 in glasses + frustration/stress of trying to get her to keep them on.

    She did have an issue with wall eye, but that has dramatically improved within the past 4 months. I rarely see her doing it. It also seems to me that Maggie sees the tiniest stuff from a good distance away, things that I know I cannot see without my glasses (we’re about the same Rx) which makes me question things.

    I’m taking Maggie for a 2nd opinion soon. I’m not going to tell them she has eye issues as I want them to give me an un-biased opinion.

    Thank you for your kind words + much luck to you + your son. :)

  11. Our daughter was diagnosed with a unilateral cataract and she also developed glaucoma and nystagmus. She began wearing glasses at 2 months old and she has not/will not wear her glasses. Her PO suggested we put used paper towel rolls on her arms as makeshift splints. Can you imagine, she just turned 8 months old – I am already concerned about her vision affecting her development and now I have to place splints on her arms and prevent her from crawling, standing or sitting up on her own. I will not place splints on her arms. We have the option of having her wear a contact lens in her right eye and her PO is fighting me on this. Our daughter is part of the IATS study and was chosen to have an IOL (intraocular lens – implanted contact lens) placed in her eye. There are 100 children in this study and she is 1 of 50 that was chosen to have an IOL. The other 50 babies wear a contact lens. When I asked her PO about a contact lens she told me that her IOL allows her to see far and the glasses are to see up close, she told me that it is not a big deal if she does not wear her glasses. I don’t understand how seeing up close is not a big deal. When we patch Mia and she does not have her glasses on, she cannot see up close, I think this is a huge deal. Then when I pressed her PO about the contact lens she told me about the splints. I am going on Monday for a second opinion. When a baby is born with a unilateral cataract, there aphakia eye has never processed images so they are legally blind in this eye. Patching and contact/glasses are essential for them to gain vision. I don’t understand why we cannot try every option if the current method is not working.
    Sorry, I am just wicked frustrated and I read your post about your daughter not wearing her glasses. Why have our children been prescribed glasses if they are not “necessary”.


    1. I had cataracts as an infant. My parents had aphakik glasses with an elastic band to go behind my head. I was too young too remember whether it was uncomfortable. But, I was able to crawl around and get into plenty of mischief… eventually learning how to unlatch my younger sister’s crib:) My mom and dad used contacts also, and I was thus able to develope peripheral vision. It makes for quite a lot of work in terms of parenting. I am extremely grateful for all of their efforts.

      When I glanced over part of the post I thought your daughter did not WANT to wear her glasses because of how she looked or being made fun of. You have some years before that is an issue. Best of luck in your daughter’s treatment. I hope you find a solution that works!

  12. Danielle and Virtualbiscuit, wow – I think I would scream something fierce if someone told me that the glasses were not necessary after spending all that money and all that energy trying to get my child to wear them. I mean, if I was told that Zoe grew out of the condition, that’d be one thing – but to hear that they’re just not necessary or a huge deal?

    And I agree with you Danielle, seeing up close has got to be important – so much is happening at a close range that they have to process visually! I do know that babies are usually naturally farsighted to some degree, but if they’re more than normal, it just makes sense to correct that.

    I’m frustrated on both your behalfs (behalves?)!

  13. Aubrie started wearing glasses for farsightedness when she was 20 months. She just turned 3 in December. This is her second style, but 5th set of frames! Praise the lord for the 1 year warranties!

  14. Here is my daughter, Brooklynn. Brooklynn is 3.5 years old and has been wearing glasses since she was 2 due to Amblyopia and extreme nearsightedness. We have to patch for 8 hrs per day but Brooklynn is a champ and get’s up every morning to pick her patch and help mommy put it on. She is currently wearing Fisher-Price with cable temples.

  15. We just ordered new glasses for Bennett through Zenni Optical online and we LOVE them. They were only $38 including shipping and that’s for his strong prescription (-8 and -12.) They have smaller size frames than these for toddlers but these have been very durable. And so inexpensive!! I thought it may help another parent so here is a photo:

    1. Hi, Im online trying to order from Zenni and I chose one of the smallest frames and entered my daughters PD at 50 and I got an error message. This this happen to you? Thanks

      1. I feel like I remember this happening with someone else, they got a warning message that the PD was out of the normal range (it may even have happened with us, I’m just don’t remember at all). Will it still let you submit your order if you click ok on the message?

        I would contact their customer service and see what they say. Let us know what happens.

  16. Belle is in Disney Princess Snow White 2 frames and a coordinating “Princess” patch from Patch Pals. Her bear & glasses are from BuildABear. Best thing I did to get her excited about her glasses!!!!

  17. Hi everyone!

    We are new to this board. We noticed our daughter who turned two in November had an intermittent turned left eye around her second birthday. We took her to the eye doctor just before Christmas and we were referred to a pediatric opthamologist, whom we saw for the first time yesterday. Her eye is now constantly turned in and we were told she has amblyopia and strabismus. She is EXTREMELY farsighted. Her left eye (bad eye) is +8++ (off the scale) and her right eye is +7.5. We went and ordered her glasses yesterday and we have to start patching her everyday for 4 hours.

    To me being at the end of the scale this early in the game is so scary. Just wondering if anyone else’s kidlets suffer from such extreme high numbers.

    Any suggestions to make the transition from no glasses to glasses easier for her? She is a very strong willed child, so I know it will take time and patience.

  18. Hi Barb, I only have a quick minute, but I wanted to send a quick response. If your daughter is so extremely farsighted, she may transition easily to the glasses and some of her strong-willedness maybe because she could not see clearly. I was reading today on a website of a pediatric opthamologist that this can be the case… even some children are incorrectly labeled or diagnosed with autism and ADD or ADHD because they have undiagnosed eye problems. You have to send us a picture with her glasses, so we can encourage her by how beautiful she is!!!

  19. Hi Barb – My daughter’s prescription is +5.75 in both eyes & we caught it at 18 months & finally saw the PO & got glasses at 20 months. She is also VERY strong willed. It took about a day to get her consistently wearing her glasses. We had to basically give her lots of compliments & talk them up so she thought it was very Cool to have them. Once she realized how much it helped she didn’t have a problem wearing them. She used to just throw them when she got mad, but she’s grown out of that. Some helpful advice is warranties are a MUST with the little ones! Anyway, my PO said about half the kids can grow out of this in their teens so it’s just a matter of being optimistic. Aubrie just has strabismus so I’m not sure about the amblyopia, but many other parents can fill you in on that. Her prescription got worse last July, but we’re hoping this July it gets better :) Best of luck & post a picture for us when you can.

  20. Welcome Barb! Your daughter is nearly the exact same age as Zoe (turned 2 in October). I wanted to add that farsightedness will sometimes worsen at first, but theny lessens with time through childhood, so the good news is that your daughter’s prescription will likely get better through the next few years, not worse.

    Check out some of the other suggestions for getting glasses on the Collected Wisdom page. I think for her age, making it an exciting, celebratory thing might help. You may also want to check some books out of your library that are positive stories about kids in glasses (not stories about kids being teased about their glasses).

    Some parents have also had luck showing their kids the pictures in the photo gallery so their kids see other people their age in glasses. And please share a picture of your daughter in her glasses if you’re comfortable with it. I bet she’ll look amazing.

    Best of luck and please keep us updated!

  21. Ann also setup a great Amazon bookstore for us parents. I got a really cute Princess Peepers book for Aubrie. She is starting to realize at 3 that not very many kids have glasses & it bothers her. She loves the book & I think it helps convince her that glasses are great! :)

  22. Hi Ladies!

    Thanks for your responses. I’m so glad to have found this website and know that we aren’t going through this alone. A big part of me feels really bad that her vision is so horrible and I blame myself in one way or another that she has to wear glasses. The lazy eye does run in both sides of our family, and all of those with this eye issue are female. I have a 3-year old son who up to this point seems to have perfect vision, but I’m going to book him in for an eye checkup just to be safe. I’m also 32.5 weeks pregnant with our third and now I’m worried that this baby will have eye problems. I just really feel like I’ve failed my kids as a parent. I’m trying to remain positive that there are worse things that we could be dealing with and that our kids are healthy!!! I showed Kaylee pictures of all the other little kids on here with glasses and she seemed to understand it. My husband is on the prowl to find a cabbage patch doll with glasses for her. We ordered her glasses on Wednesday evening and found out from the optical place that the Disney frames we wanted were backordered until May. The lady at the store did manage to get a hold of their sales rep that had the correct frames in the correct size and color that we wanted, so now its just a matter of him sending them to her and getting the lenses put in. She hopes to have the glasses to us by Tuesday. I have to pickup the glasses and get her patch fitted on them too.

    I appreciate the support ladies! Glad that there is a website to turn to!!! :)

    1. Barb, I am totally with you, that yes, although glasses are not fun and dealing with eye issues is hard, still our children are healthy and it could be worse! Whenever I feel sorry for myself and what our children are going through, I stop by the Children’s Hospital. In a very short amount of time of being there, I see what other children and their parents are dealing with, even some facing death, and I start counting my blessings!!! Good luck to you and your little Kaylee! You will get so used to her in glasses, you will miss something when she is not wearing them!

  23. Barb, you did NOT fail your little Kaylee as a mother. At one point or another we as parents all feel like we have failed, but there are many things that are way beyond our control and our children’s eye sight is one of them. The only way that you would fail Kaylee is if you now that you know decided not to do anything about it! My oldest daughter (now 4) has a hearing loss that went undetected until she was two and not talking and I insisted on having her hearing tested. Now, talk about feeling guilty for not noticing for two years that she couldn’t hear! Our Ellie is 2.5 now and has worn glasses since she is 9 months old! One word of advice about the eye patch that attaches to her frame is that you have to be sure that she cannot “cheat” if she does it can cause eye muscle problems on the eye that is peeking around the eye patch. I don’t know what your recommendations are from the PO, but if I were you, I would start with just getting your daughter used to wearing the glasses, and then starting the eye patch! The patching is VERY hard in the beginning, but persevere!!! It does get better as her vision gets better!!! You may also want to rechildproof your house because she will lose all depth perception and accident are more likely in the beginning (just talking from personal experience!) God will take care of that little one you are carrying too and he/she may not have any problems at all! The good thing is that your pediatrician will have her at the PO when she is 6 months old just to rule out an eye problem and that way you will not have to worry that it goes undetected if she does have a problem. I have four children (4 and under) and so far only my second oldest has an eye problem! I can’t wait to see a picture of your little princess in glasses!

  24. I totally agree with Corrie on this. I think we all probably felt very guilty when we realized our kids have vision problems. It’s often missed by our pediatricians. My Aubrie had to wait 2 months after I noticed her eyes crossing before we could even see a PO & get diagnosed. I was so devastated…very pregnant & very hormonal! It was rough on me, probably harder than it was for her to adjust to her glasses. However, it will get better & you’ll be proud of yourself for taking action early! I do suggest you get your other kids checked. My PO said it’s highly genetic. I had my son checked at 1 year and his vision is perfect. My sister is pregnant & my PO also said all my siblings must have their children checked as well by age 1. You’ll feel much better when her glasses arrive & this becomes a part of your routine. Best of luck to your family :)

  25. Just one more voice to say that you have nothing to feel bad about. The fact that you were able to catch this and are getting her glasses and started patching now, when she’s only 2 is fantastic. That’s not failing your daughter, it’s the opposite. And Corrie and Annie are absolutely right, what you’re feeling is very normal – we’ve all been there. Please keep us updated.

    Oh, and if you don’t find a doll with glasses, there was a post at amblyopiakids about places to buy toy glasses for dolls and bears:

  26. Hi guys,
    I can totally relate to the guilt issue! I had myself CONVINCED that my daughters eye problem was due to the occasional glass of wine I had in my pregnancy. I was absolutely sick over it, could not sleep, was all consumed by it until my husband snapped me out of it. I guess as a mom, you just want an explanation and you want to fix it. I just feel sad for Paris sometimes that she has to wear the glasses, especially on days when she is obviously frustrated with them and wants to keep pulling them off. I look at her siblings who dont have eye problems and feel it’s not fair! But such is life and as you pointed out it is really a small problem compared to many and our children are all healthy. I think it is almost like gaining an acceptance of it and moving on to do the best you can do now for your child which everyone on this site should be commended for doing.There is no one to blame. I am trying to stay calm and positive and hoping with all my heart that her vision improves and does not hinder her in anything she does in life. Like most people on this forum, we have caught it early so that is a bonus. Good luck to everyone on their journey to achieving the best possible outcome for their little one.
    Ingrid and Paris

    1. Ingrid, I am totally with you, that as a parent we want to fix anything! Yes, our children may not grow up to become pilots, but they are already learning at such a very young age not to let anything stay in their way to achieving what they want to achieve! Just think about how much they have already overcome! And yes, they are learning that life is sometimes not fair, but that we can learn to make the best of it! We are from Germany, and in Germany, or really all of Europe, glasses are considered an accessory, a piece of jewelry… so think of her glasses as that, a beautiful piece of jewelry right on your daughter’s beautiful face!!! Your little Paris will grow up to become just what God intended her to become!

  27. Thanks Corrie for your kind words. You are right, glasses these days are just lovely and we have some beautiful ones for Paris and she looks so cute in them as all the kids do. I say a prayer every night for all the little ones who are facing difficulties with their vision and as you said they will grow up and adjust and be stronger for it. Thank God we have come a long way when it comes to treating vision problems and will only get more advanced as the years go on so you never know what can happen. These little ones have the best shot as they are so young.
    Thanks again….
    Ingrid x

  28. Well ladies…

    We are off to go pickup Kaylee’s glasses and get them fitted!!! Wish me luck in keeping them on her. My husband is out of town until tomorrow evening so I’m going this alone.

    I did have a bit of a breakthru with her though. I tried finding a doll that had glasses for her with no luck. So I took a pair of baby sunglasses and popped the lens’ out and let her pretend to put them on her doll. They are a bit big, but she decided she would wear them instead. She looked so funny wearing big thick blue frames, but she’d walk up to the mirror and say “I pretty mommy”. She wore them for the better part of Sunday and yesterday, so I’m hoping her actual glasses stay on just as well!!!! I’ll post some pics as soon as I can!!! :)

    Thanks again for all the support!!! I joined the Facebook page as well so I can keep in touch!!! :)

    1. Now, see how CUTE she is!!! And Kaylee looks very happy and proud of her new glasses, too! You did GREAT! The last time, I had Ellie fitted with glasses, I was in there with a three-year-old, a two-year-old (Ellie), a one-year-old, and a newborn by myself after an already three hour long appointment…. ha, you can imagine how happy they were to get me out of there! :-) She looks great! Before you know it, this will all be as normal as getting out of bed in the mornings!

  29. We did the something similar with a pair of cheap sunglasses that Zoe got in her valentine’s bag at daycare. They had already broken and one lens had popped out, so I popped the other out, and they fit her stuffed monkey perfectly.

    I love that she thought wearing the frames was pretty. Good luck!! Keep us updated.

  30. Kaylee looks beautiful, well done! A few days and it will seem very normal. In fact she will seem like she is missing something without them as they really become part of their little character! They do add another level of cuteness that is for sure.

  31. Kaylee looks adorable & looks like she’s wearing her glasses and loves them! That’s awesome! Like the others said soon you’ll think she looks funny without them! It becomes part of their character!

  32. Thanks ladies for all your postive comments! We are on Day 2 of wearing the glasses and she has taken them off a few times, so I’ve had to be diligent in reminding her to put them back on, but so far so good. I picked up her patch today – something called the ‘Perfect Patch’ that actually fits over the lens of the glasses instead of getting the patch that sticks to her face, she would fight me tooth and nail if I made her wear the sticky one. I’m going to give it a few more days of wearing just the glasses before I introduce the patch just so that she doesn’t get discouraged that we are introducing too much too fast. I have noticed that she is really rubbing her eyes while the glasses are on, I know that it will take awhile for her eyes to adjust, but has anyone else noticed this with their little ones?

  33. Hello Everyone!

    We are also new to this board. I just wanted to thank you for all of your comments and help! I am so excited that I came across this website. I just found out a couple of days ago that my 17 month old is extremely far sighted 7.5+ in both eyes. It diagnosed by an optometrist and so I am in the process of getting a 2nd opinion from a Pediatric Opthamologist. My daughter is extremely strong willed and very temperamental and so the adjustment to wearing glasses will be extremely difficult! But, I appreciate all of your tips, darling pictures, and information!

    I also have a 3 yr. old that I need to take in as I have been reading that it is hereditary.

    I have read that with kids this young it is possible for the vision to get better in time? Is there any hope with my little one with her perscription starting out at such high numbers?

    1. Welcome Monica!

      Glad you found this board! My daughter (Kaylee) is almost 2.5 and EXTREMELY strong willed as well. I didn’t think that we’d be able to keep her glasses on her at all. Well, she fooled us. The first day she wore them home from the eye glass place (with a few bribes), the next day we put her glasses on her right away in the morning, and I had to be diligent in reminding her to leave them on. But by the fourth day, she was asking for them. Now when she gets up in the mornings, she brings her glasses to us and asks us to put them on. We didn’t really have any issues. So you may be completely surprised, I was!!

      Barb :)

  34. Hi Monica! Welcome, I’m glad you found us. The adjustment to glasses is not always easy, but your daughter may surprise you – with that bad of a prescription, she may take to glasses and seeing clearly very quickly. You’ll have to send us a picture once she has her glasses.

    As for vision improving. With farsightedness, most kids do improve with age through adolescence, but with a prescription that high, she’ll probably still need glasses (I read somewhere that a prescription of +3 or less generally improved to the point where the kids no longer needed glasses).

    Keep us updated on how the 2nd opinion and the glasses go!

  35. Thanks for your help! So nice to hear from other mothers who have gone through this.

    I will keep you updated on how the 2nd opinion goes. I am also going to take my 3 yr. old into the same appointment and so will be interested to see if he has vision problems as well.

    Barb, How old was Kaylee when she got her glasses? Interesting that she is also very strong willed. I do wonder if it has anything to do with their vision problem too? What I am worried about is my Sofia is 17 months and not talking yet and is constantly having temper tantrums. When we took her into the office to try on the glasses we literally had to hold her arms down and put them on her while she was kicking and screaming on the ground. I don’t think that she understands bribery or anything like that yet.

    I am hoping that she will have a smooth transition and will realize that she sees better with them on.

  36. We got Kaylee’s glasses on March 31st. So it hasn’t been a month yet. I think some of the strong willedness is from the vision problems as well. She has adjusted very well, very quickly. We had the same experience at the eye glass place – temper tantrum, holding her down, etc. Which is basically why we went with the first pair we found fit her. As for bribery…you have another child, trust me, she’ll get it…ha ha. I have a 3 year old as well (they are 11 months apart), and Kaylee caught on very quickly to bribery thanks to her older brother!!! :)

    We also have to patch Kaylee for four hours a day. I started this, but became ill with bronchitis and was put on bedrest for the past few weeks (I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant). So I didn’t want to throw the patching into the mix when I’m not doing it (my mother in law has been out here helping me out while I rest). Hopefully my doctor will induce me in just over a week and things can semi get back to normal. I hope to be able to start patching her again slowly, as throwing her right into the four hours a day might cause her to throw in the towel altogether. We have to go back to the PO in three months time and it looks like we will be able to increase her prescription to the full +7.5 and +8.0. The PO started her out on a weaker prescription as he didn’t want to overdue it with her.

    Like the other ladies have said on here, she may just surprise you and leave them on. I know I was pleasantly surprised how quickly she adjusted. Now she brings them to us every morning when she wakes up and asks us to put them on!!! :)

  37. Great to hear. Sounds like Sofie and Kaylee have similar perscription strengths. They also told me that they were going to start her perscription at a lesser amount in order to try to get her eyes to get still get beter on their own.

    I am still interested to see what the PO will say since I have only taken her to an optometrist so far.

    Sorry to hear about your bedrest and bronchitis. Sounds like you have your hands full!

    Thanks ladies for your help. I’m anxious to pick up Sofie’s glasses both to see how she will do with them and also see if it will make her happier!

  38. I can SO relate to holding my daughter down to get her glasses fitted. She threw a major toddler tantrum and I thought there was no way she was ever going to wear glasses. We made her room a glasses free zone and she couldn’t come out without them on. I didn’t mind her playing without them. In less than 2 days, she was wearing them non-stop and now I have to try really hard to convince her to take them off.

    I also love the new pictures. Your kids are so cute with their glasses!!!! If you haven’t shared what kinds of frames your kids in, please post on this thread. It’s really helpful to know when someone has found a great pair!

  39. Oh, Zoe threw a major fit at her glasses fitting, too (she was 14 months). We also had to hold her arms down while we tried to see what would fit. It really scared me – I was sure she’d never wear the glasses.

    Come to think of it, the last time we got her new frames, she was better at the fitting, but still got tired of it so quickly and would ask for her regular glasses every 15 minutes or so. I suppose that when they’re trying on the glasses for a fitting, there’s no prescription in the lenses, so there’s no incentive to wear these crazy things on your face. Plus they often have sticker and almost certainly have lots of smudges on the lenses, so of course you wouldn’t want to wear them. But when they have a prescription that improves their vision, I think they have a reason to wear them.

    Best of luck!!

  40. Hello again.

    I have another question! So, we picked up Sofie’s glasses 3 days ago and she will have NOTHING to do with them. I think that the total time she has kept them on her face without screaming and chucking them across the room is maybe 2 minutes.

    Well, the optometrist that I went to said that her perscription was +7.5 in each eye. I have a 2nd opinion with a PO in a month. So, my question is do you think that there is any way that the optometrist could have been off on the perscription? I see that most of you go to a PO?? Since she is only 17 months she is not talking at all and so I can’t communicate with her to know if the glasses are helping her see better.

    All I know is that she does NOT like them. So, should I continue to try to force her to wear them?Or wait for a 2nd opinion?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. I think Amomofelly is right. Many POs undercorrect the lenses for the first glasses to get the child accustomed to wearing glasses first. This may not be the case with your optometrist who prescribed the actual correction necessary. I would try to get her to wear them until you see the PO if you cannot get any results trying to see the PO sooner. You could also ask the optometrist if it would be possible that a weaker prescription would help her adapt to the glasses better.

  41. How stressful! You sound like you are in-tune to her needs and feelings, I would do what your gut tells you to do. It seems our mommy instincts are usually right. Elly’s vision is -7.75, but the first pair of glasses were undercorrected at -5.5. If you can, I would even try call the PO office and explain your situation. They may (or may not) be able to give you advice on trying to keep the glasses on or off and may even get you an appointment earlier? Good luck and keep us posted!

  42. Here’s Conall (16 months) day one with his new glasses seeing a cat clearly for the first time…

    he is +6 in each eye with esotropia due to his farsightedness. He loves his Miraflex glasses, he brings them to me in the case each morning and says “gasses peez!”

  43. Thanks Ladies for your help!

    I actually have one more question! Which glasses do all of you prefer?? Heather, you say that you like the Miraflex glasses?? I am having a hard time finding any office that carries them.

    I got Sofie (my 17 month old) a little metal frame and she still refuses to wear them and actually broke them yesterday! I am realizing that we will need something a little more durable for her age and temperment!

    So, is Miraflex and Solobambini the most durable?? Are most people happy with them? Is there a difference between the two? Or does anyone have any other recommendations?


    1. We also just have a metal frame as this is all that was available in the great city of Atlanta. :-) I never even thought to buy them on the internet as I would not have known what size to order. The optical place we got them from has a one year unconditional warranty on the frames and lenses, and will put new lenses in for free if the prescription changes in the first year. I have found this is a very important thing to have as we have already replace Ellie’s second pair of glasses three times, and she has only had them for 6 months. She is not even really rough with them, but they do break or bend quite easily. I did look at the cool frames that Solobambini has. Maybe one day, I will order a pair for Ellie. Good luck!

    2. Hey Monica,
      Yes, the Miraflex seem to be quite durable…he has had one temper tantrum and tried his darndest to break them, but with no luck, thank goodness. Have you tried looking on the Miraflex website? they may have a list of retailers near you!

  44. Hi Monica,
    I think Miraflex and Solobanini are quite durable. I had the chance this weekend to see a pair of Miraflex in person and the mother of the girl wearing them twisted them this way and that and they just popped back into shape, which was cool. I think a lot of people order them over the internet.

    I think I would also recommend talking to your eye doctor to see if he or she would consider undercorrecting a possibility for Sofie to get her used to the glasses. It did take Zoe a full 2 weeks before she’d leave her glasses on for any length of time, but we lucked out and she never managed to break them – just throw them a lot.

    If you haven’t looked at the open thread on glasses, the comments on that post have a lot of information on what frames people have had and how well they’ve worked

  45. Hi Everyone,

    I am so thankful to have found this website. We just found out that our 20 month-old will have to wear glasses due to Accomodative Estropia (as I otherwise learned has to do with farsightedness). I am having a difficult time with this. I feel guilty, like I did something wrong, not enough Vitamin A in my diet, ect. I know that I can’t blame myself, but it’s hard not to feel that way. He was a 4.5 in one eye and 6.0 in the other. I didn’t even know what that meant, until today…My PO is the best in the area and supposed to be one of the best in the country, she said that some children will grow out of the farsightedness (though, she wasn’t giving false hope), has anyone ever experienced this?

    Now comes the hard part. I can’t get him to even try the glasses on without screaming. How long did it take for others around 20 months to transition?

    Thank you,


  46. Hi Alicia, I’m so glad you found us. I know how hard this can be, we’ve all been through it – and are still going through it. Please don’t feel that you did anything to cause this, you didn’t – and more importantly, you’re now doing something to help your son.

    I’ve read that children who grow out of farsightedness generally start with a prescription of less than +3, but most children will get less farsighted with age. There was a post a couple months ago that touched on this –, and one of the readers here wore glasses for farsightedness when she was little, and she grew out of it.

    As for transitioning to glasses. Zoe was 14 months old, and I know every child is different, but she HATED trying on glasses at the store, but remember, those glasses don’t have lenses to help them see. In the end, it took Zoe 2 weeks to really get used to the glasses, but I know stories of some children that take to it right away, and others that take longer. Maybe look at checking some books about wearing glasses out from the library, and really talk up how great glasses are?

    Good luck and please keep us updated!

  47. Hi ladies!

    Glad to see that many others have found this website. It is a wonderful support!! Just wanted to pop my head in and say hello. I had baby #3 last Wednesday – a girl, Emily. I’ve been MIA for the past bit as I developed an infection and have been hospitalized (thank goodness for laptops). I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for patching. I’ve been to the subject about patching on here, but so far nothing seems to make her want to keep the patch on, even doing it gradually. I backed off the patch right now as its a difficult time when I’m not able to be home. But I’d like to start up again as soon as I get home and was hoping that maybe another approach would help. Anyone?

    1. HMMMMMMMMMMMM Lets just say, I am in the same boat. I’m trying out a whole bunch of different patches and there are definately ones that she keeps on easier. I’m finding that new experiences are helping to keep them on. Ie ) my friend gave us moon sand and she sat and built cakes and kept her patch on for over an hour with no complaints and the other day we took her to a pond to feed the ducks and had the same thing. Corrie has great ideas and I am looking forward to hearing the new things she’s doing with her Ellie. (I hope you get well soon)

    2. Yes. Patching is very, very hard, especially in the beginning. I am lucky as our two-year-old daughter is definitely an adult pleaser and will do almost anything that she is asked to do. She did struggle a lot with the patch when she was younger, but now, she has come to accept it as a part of her routine. I think the one very important thing is to give her no alternative. It is about the HARDEST thing, we ever have to do as parents to feel like we are torturing our children by taking their vision away. What you have to remember is the longterm benefit that she will get by you making her wear the patch. We have a four-year-old that has other problems and is definitely not as easy going as our Ellie. She wears a hearing aid and has to wear headgear at night. The headgear has been our biggest struggle yet. I went through reward, punishment, bribery, everything to get her to keep it on at night. Yes, I agree, I would not want to wear it, but it is necessary, so I must be consistent about it. One thing that finally made it click is when I explained to her that she has to wear it like Ellie has to wear her patch because we love her and it will make her teeth better, and that if she does not wear it, she will have to deal with it a lot longer than if she does wear it every night. That was not enough, because it is hard for a four-year-old to understand such language. So, I had to take it one step further. She absolutely LOVES to ride a special school bus to go to a special pre-K program. One night I told her if she did not keep the headgear on, she would not get to ride the bus the next morning (a HUGE inconvenience for me as we have three other children all younger than her). She did not have it on the next morning and I had to go through with my warning and get everyone up to take her to school instead. Since then, she has not worn it willingly, but she has kept it on at night and we are making progress. I’m sorry, long story, but getting back to patching: The key to getting Ellie used to patching and leaving it on, was to put it on first thing in the morning when she got up and immediately getting her involved in something she likes to do. Amomofelly has a great list of activities to do on here, and I promise I will update this soon. When she got tired of wearing it and started pulling it off, I had to consistently keep it on her. There was NO alternative to wearing it. Patching is very, very hard because we are taking most of their vision away. However, it does get easier as the vision in that eye improves and she will get used to the idea that she has no other choice. Anyways, I hope this helps! I know it is very, very hard, but hang in there, you are doing what is BEST for your daughter! Praying you will get home very soon and be completely well!

  48. Wow, it’s a little four eyes baby boom! Congratulations Barb! I hope you heal quickly.

    I’ll let others who have done more patching give more advice, but from everything I’ve read here, it’s just really, really hard. I have to imagine that with a new sister and you being in the hospital, it would be that much harder. Have you looked at the Adventures in Amblyopia blog ( There’s some good advice there, too.

  49. I had a 2nd opinion today with a PO and left the appointment very confused!!! So, if any of you parents have any input on this situation.. please feel free to share!
    I guess I will preface with the history. So, a couple months ago I took my 18 month old in to an optometrist because I was concerned with her squinting and few minor development delays. After a 3 hour exam, the optometrist told me that she was a +7.5 in both eyes and to put her in glasses immediately because her eyes were starting to cross.
    So, of course I put her in glasses and decided to also get a second opinion with a PO. Well, that appointment was today and at the appointment, the PO said that her vision was definitely not +7.5, but more like +4.5 in both eyes. He also said that her eyes were not starting to cross yet, but that he would like to keep checking her to keep up with it.

    He said that he doesn’t like to put kids as young as 18 months in glasses with a prescription of +4.5 in both eyes (unless the eyes are crossed) and to discontinue glasses for right now.

    This was concerning to me because both my husband and I have noticed a difference since she has worn her glasses–like she will look at books, make eye contact, and focus better overall.

    I guess that I am just confused because so far I have had two completely different opinions!

    Have any of you had a similar experience or know more info on why I was advised to discontinue with glasses for awhile?

  50. Hi Monica, I have no idea why the PO would make such a statement. I know from personal experience that many POs have very differing opinions on how to approach correcting vision to what an optometrist says. However, I can tell you that our daughter started wearing glasses at 9 months and her prescription was then only at 2.5 or something. Of course her diagnosis was entirely different as she had infantile esotropia (inward turning of both eyes), and she already had one surgery and then developed amblyopia after surgery, so the PO prescribed glasses. Did you mention to the PO what you observed with your daughter about the looking at books, eye contact, etc.? I am very surprised with that high of a refractive error that the PO would not want to correct this with glasses. I realize at this age they cannot do an acuity testing, but obviously the glasses are helping her see better otherwise, she would not even keep them on. I would possibly consider either talking to the PO you saw again and mentioning your concerns and observations, and if nothing is accomplished this way, I would possibly get another opinion. I feel like there are too many differing opinions among optometrists and POs and it often leaves parents very confused. We are in the same boat and are trying to get an appointment at another PO for a second opinion as well. As a parent, we should be able to trust a doctor, but ultimately I have learned that we need to trust ourselves more than the doctor, as we are the parents and are with our children all day every day, while they are not.:-)

  51. Hi Monica – I totally agree with Corrie. I would talk to the PO and if he doesn’t completely answer your questions I’d get a 3rd opinion. A +4.5 seems like a decent prescription it seems odd that he would not prescribe glasses. My daughter started at a +5.5 and is now at +5.75 in both eyes. She also was starting to cross her eyes which is why we saw a PO. I also noticed a HUGE difference in her after her glasses. Her vocabulary just exploded like she could finally see things. It just amazed me. Best of luck to you!

  52. Monica, I know that it’s a topic of debate around when glasses should be prescribed for farsightedness if there’s no crossing. Zoe’s PO also had us wait until her eyes crossing became more constant, but she was 9 months at the time, which is a big difference in age. It sounds like you are noticing her eyes crossing without glasses. Do you have any pictures of her eyes crossed that you could show the PO? I agree with everyone else that if you’re seeing good changes with the glasses, I’d be very reluctant to discontinue them. Would it be possible to meet, or even talk on the phone with both doctors to see what their reactions to the other doctor’s thoughts are?

  53. Great advice everyone. Thank you for your help and support. I decided to respond to each of you in this comment since I had a response to all of you!

    Corrie- I definitely agree with you that there are differences in opinions between optometrists and POs AND for us parents it is very confusing! Yes, I did mention to the PO about her progress with wearing the glasses, but he was still firm on his opinion that she is only 18 months and will do fine without them. Kinda frustrating.. and I will probably end up getting another opinion. Also, good luck with your 2nd opinion.. hope that it helps you!

    Annie- Interesting that you said that glasses helped your daughter’s vocabulary. In just less that one month of my daughter’s experience wearing glasses, she finally started saying a few words and I too felt like it was because she could finally see things.

    Ann- Good to hear that it is a topic of debate when glasses should be prescribed if there is no crossing. I never knew that. I liked your idea of taking a picture if her eyes crossed so that I could show the PO. Thanks. Also, I am going to try to give the PO and possibly optometrist a call tomorrow to discuss this situation. I would be interested to see what their reactions to the other doctor’s thoughts are.

    I will let you guys know. Thanks again and good luck with your kids too! :)

  54. Hi!
    And thanks for making this forum and this beautiful gallery!
    We have a lovely 4 years old daughter who – unfortunately like her parents – is extremely farsighted. Her eyeglasses are +20.00 and even when she wears them she has very poor vision. Is there a chance, however, that she can grow out of her farsightedness, or must we prepare for her to be visionally impaired for the rest of her life? What experiences do you people here have with contact lenses/implants?

    1. Hi Barb! Thanks for writing and for the compliments. I’d like to move this question to a main blog post so you might get more replies. I know that some of the parents of children with cataracts have used contacts and implants. Has her eye doctor recommended contacts or implants?

      I do think that most children grow less farsighted as they get older. We were told Zoe might (or might not) grow out of needing glasses around age 12 or 13. Her prescription is +4.25. So I imagine that your daughter will always be farsighted, but she will quite possibly have a prescription that is not quite as strong, and so might grow into better vision.

      We’d love to add a picture of your daughter to the gallery if you wanted to send a picture.

      Best to you, Ann

  55. Thanks a lot for this kind and quick response.
    It’s very kind of you to move my question to a main blog. I wasn’t really sure how to do this. I will see if we later on. can find a suitable picture to post.
    To your questions: We get different answers and different hope from different eye doctors. And maybe because both me and my husband are (at least nearly) visually impaired caused by our extreme farsightedness, we are concerned for our little princess. I myself am for some reasons not able to wear contacts, and wearing glasses with a prescription nearly as strong as my daughter’s I know a little about what this means to her.

  56. Hi again,
    I’m very sorry for my rude nagging. I was about to post a picture of our little rose, but my husband doesn’t agree. He is very sceptical for the Internet, and he is specially concerned about posting a picture of our daughter on the web. I guess we have to take some domestic discussions first :)
    Again – sorry for the disturbance. I would be happy if you inform me about where (to which blog) you move my original message. This means so much to us – getting in contact with other parents with similar challenges.

  57. Hi…i found this site on google after finding out last week that my 23 month old daughter Becca needs glasses.
    She has an astigmatism in one eye & she is quite long sighted. She should get her glasses in the next few days & then i will be able to add her photo to the gorgeous photo’s in this gallery.

  58. omg! how many kids do you have?! lol they’re all cute but damn! hope some of those are doubles of one kid. i’d go insane if i were you xD

    1. :) Jenny, they’re not all my kids, that’s for sure! I only have one daughter. I’ve been requesting and posting pictures of all the different children in glasses to show how great they all look. I love that we have gotten such a large photo gallery.

      (I’m still chuckling at the insanity of having so many kids under the age of 5 at the same time).

  59. My goodness, we have developed a great looking bunch here! Ann, thank you so much once again for starting this!

  60. Wow, am I ever so happy to have stumbled upon this site!
    We just found out last week that our 17 month old son, Oliver, needed glasses. We had noticed that he had been tilting his head back for as far as we can remember. But, we didn’t really think anything of it until he started doing it progressively more, especially up close. So, we broached the subject with our pediatrician and requested a referral for an eye appointment.
    Upon taking Ollie to the pediatric opthamologist we were surprised to learn that he is farsighted, has strabismus, and severe astigmatism in his right eye.
    Today was his first day in glasses and he did quite well while we were out, but once we got home, off they came. He’s not too fond of wearing them inside (any suggestions on how to keep them on, anyone??? Help!). The optician said that since it’s his first day in them and since it was late in the day, we should start fresh tomorrow and see how he does in them throughout the day, when he’s more alert. So, we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

    Anyway, if possible to add to the gallery, here’s his picture. Ollie, 17 months old, his first day in his glasses. He wears them for farsightedness, strabsimus, and astigmatism

    1. Welcome Rosa! I’ve posted the picture of Ollie – he has a great smile! I’m so glad the first day with glasses went well. I agree with your optician that you may want to give him a little bit more time to get used to them. It took Zoe a good 2 weeks to really settle in to hers. In the meantime, boredom is the enemy of glasses, so try to have a lot of fun and interesting activities for Ollie to do when you first put his glasses on, and try to keep a positive attitude and don’t turn it in to a power struggle. It can be hard, but it sounds like he’s off to a great start.

      Good luck tomorrow and keep us updated on how Ollie is doing!

    2. Oh my goodness, Ollie is so cute! I agree with Ann Z! It takes a while to get a toddler used to wearing glasses and keeping him busy is the best way to get him to keep them on. It is just something so different that they have to adapt to. Think of it as shoes… if Ollie never wore shoes until now, it would take him a while to adapt and get used to having them on. After a while, he would realize that wow, he can walk much better outside with them than barefoot. :-) But to get him there, you will have to keep putting the shoes back on and encourage him to try them. It is the same thing with the glasses. At first, they are so new and different, and they might bother his nose or his eyes, but once he gets used to them, he will discover how much better he can see with them and will ask you to put them on! Hang in there! You will both make it through this together!

    3. Ohhhhh, Ollie is so cute! I agree with Ann Z! It takes a while to get a toddler used to wearing glasses and keeping him busy is the best way to get him to keep them on. It is just something so different that they have to adapt to. Think of it as shoes… if Ollie never wore shoes until now, it would take him a while to adapt and get used to having them on. After a while, he would realize that wow, he can walk much better outside with them than barefoot. :-) But to get him there, you will have to keep putting the shoes back on and encourage him to try them. It is the same thing with the glasses. At first, they are so new and different, and they might bother his nose or his eyes, but once he gets used to them, he will discover how much better he can see with them and will ask you to put them on! Hang in there! You will both make it through this together!

      1. I really like that analogy to shoes, Corrie! I may start borrowing that when I’m trying to explain what it’s like to start a young kid out with glasses.

  61. You go right ahead! :-) I guess that one of the most important things to remember when we as parents try to get our toddlers or children used to glasses is that we are not doing it to torture them (though at times they make us feel like we are), but we are doing it because we love them and want the best for them.

  62. Thanks ladies. I know it’s only been a couple of days, but I really feel like we’re fighting a losing battle here. *sigh* He’s had them for 3 days and day one, when he first got them was WONDERFUL! Then day 2, yesterday, all heck broke loose from the moment we put them on him. It took a half hour to get them on him and they stayed on for five minutes. And the whole day continued like that. Then he broke them – bent them and popped the screw out (which subsequently got lost in the depths of the under the sofa toys and clutter). We got them fixed – thankfully, we have an optical shop on base. Then today, he wore them for a little while, still fights tooth and nail to not wear them. Then at one point got upset when we tried to put them back on him, pulled them off his face, but there was resistance b/c of the strap, and succeeded in pulling off one of the cable temples. The shop can’t fix them, so we have to take them to the other base where we got them and we have to see if they can fix them or if we have to reorder. So, in 3 days, he’s broken them twice. Fun, fun, fun, lol.
    Thanks for the shoe analogy. That really puts things in perspective. I keep reminding myself he doesn’t understand and it’s going to take some time, but it can be a little frustrating. And it’s a lot to ask of a 17 month old b/c he can’t understand why he needs them. It’s definitely a work in progress.

    I also had a few questions. Are cable temples and straps overkill? Should I let him wear them for a few hours each day and progressively add more time each day (if we can get him to keep them on)? He’ll wear them in spurts. He’s fine for a little while when he’s distracted. Just getting him to the point of distraction ;-) Is fine when he’s out and about . Or is oddly fine when people other than my husband or I put them on him.
    Thanks again. Love the site!

    1. Hi Rosa, yikes, you’ve had a rough 3 days. Zoe also did better her first day, then regressed and fought her glasses the next few days. We got hers on Dec. 26, and I remember thinking that by the time she went back to daycare on the 2nd of January, surely she’d be wearing them happily. Unfortunately, it was not to be, she was still fighting them, especially when bored. I started getting wrapped up in wanting to be sure she’d wear her glasses by the 2nd, and it turned in to a power struggle where I kept putting them back on her, even when Zoe was clearly in no shape to wear them. Chris was much better with keeping his cool, and giving Zoe time without glasses in the beginning when she needed them.

      I actually think both of your ideas are good ones. See what happens if you take off the strap. He’ll be able to take them off, sure, but maybe he won’t be quite as mad, and won’t break the temples. And I think going for a few hours a day and adding a bit more time is fine – have him wear them while he’s happy and distracted, and increase that time each day. We had a lot of luck with Zoe’s grandparents – they came over when she wasn’t wearing her second pair of glasses (after she’d worn glasses for over a year), and were so excited about the glasses that she wanted to wear them again.

      It is frustrating. Very frustrating at times. Hopefully it will start getting a little better each day. Keep us updated and let us know how you’re doing.

    2. Hi Rosa, when our daughter got her glasses she was only 9 months old and she only had the cable temples, no strap, although, I think it would have been a nice thing to have. It may be that it would be good to introduce the glasses without the strap as it gives another thing to get used to and then bring in the strap later when Olli is more used to wearing the glasses. I definitely agree that glasses can be a thing to built up to. I remember I would feel sorry for Ellie getting these huge marks on her nose from wearing the glasses, that I would give her a break from wearing them in the beginning. Thankfully, she is my most obedient, adult pleasing child, so we did not go through much of a struggle adjusting to glasses. But I have an older daughter, who has to wear a hearing aid and headgear and that struggle is entirely similar to your situation. :-) So, I can totally understand what your little man and you must be going through. If it helps to have someone else put the glasses on him, maybe you can have a good friend of the family come by in the mornings and put them on him and tell him that he/she will come back to see if he still wears them later. At 17 months old, it is hard to comprehend or communicate much to him, but he does understand that you love him. Although you feel like you are torturing him right now, you are NOT! And it is so frustrating to deal with broken glasses, too! If you keep persevering with as much patience and love that you can come up with, he will get used to those funny things on his nose! :-) And even when he can’t tell you now, he will be thankful you did later in his life!

  63. Hello…the only problem I’m having with Becca’s glasses is that they are always slipping down her nose & ive been back to get them tightened, its a shame cos she doesnt have any problems wearing them & loves showing them off to people! lol

  64. Hi Rosa,

    It might be worth trying without the strap, but depending on the kid, cables and a strap are not overkill. I have a 5.5 month old who wears cable glasses with a velcro strap.

    I’ve found it’s harder for me to remember and force myself to put her glasses on. The way I’ve started looking at it is like patching. When you need to patch, the PO prescribes a certain number of hours a day to be patched. I’ve started applying that theory to myself, that I need to put Penny’s glasses on for say 4 hours a day, and work our way up from there as she becomes more used to them. That seems to work better for us (as do glasses that are the right prescription and fit her).

    Good luck! Don’t forget to take a 15 minute break if Ollie’s resisting too much. By the way, my daughter was going to be named Oliver if she was a boy =)


  65. Vanessa,

    I don’t know if she’s still doing them, but send an email to Camille over at about a strap. She was making a soft velcro strap that’s worked wonders for us!

  66. Aww they’re all so cute! Little 14 week old William is definitely a cutie though. Does anyone know what kind of glasses he has? They look like our Marchon Flexons that Penny has now =D

  67. My son (age 2) was born with a cataract (wears a contact) and will be fitted for bifocals tomorrow. He will wear his Julbo sunglasses so I am not concerned about him actually wearing the glasses but if anyone has any quick suggestions for us on what to look for in a pair of frames I would appreciate it. Any thoughts on earpieces? What to stay away from, etc… We will not need a strap around the head. He is very good with his glasses and the straps seem to bug him and make him pull at them. Thanks

    1. Hi, when we took Becca for her glasses, she was also 2yrs…we were told that if u had the type that hook right around the ear they werent really practical, as if they slipped down the nose they just hung to the ears , & if pulled they could hurt her ears.
      Hope this was of some help x

    2. We love our cable temples and would highly reccomend them for active toddlers. I also know that many young children also do well with Miriflex as they don’t have nose pads and are extreemly flexible. I was told to look for a frame with wide lense openings as the bigger the lens, the more vision. More info on these posts and

  68. Hi, my 20 month old son has just been given glasses to wear, and is keeping them on ok, so far so good. I was told he is farsighted, and that all toddlers are farsighted, Has anyone else been told this? He said his eyes are not too bad, -3.5 in each eye, and has a slight turn in his left eye. He said there is a good chance his eyes will improve by wearing the glasses. Does anyone else know if this is correct and do you know how bad -3.5 is? Thanks i appreciate any advice

    1. Hi Lynn, if his prescription has a negative sign in front of the letter, then that means that he is nearsighted, not farsighted. Most children are farsighted, but the “normal” range of vision goes from slightly farsighted to slightly nearsighted. -3.5 is the low end of a moderate prescription: mild prescriptions are generally less then 3, moderate is 3 – 6, and strong is anything over 6.

      Best of luck to you!

      1. Thanks for replying. Sorry I re-checked and my son is actually +3.5 in each eye, sorry for the confusion. So he is farsighted. I am hoping when his eyesight isnt too bad that it will improve.

  69. all the kids look so son had glass at 4months and was so stuck.i live in ireland and very little for babbies with glasses ,thanks to this site i was able to order lovely glasses and read other parents story, so thank you,you really helped . senan is now a year old and on his 4 pair of glasses

  70. Hi. My daughter is 11 months old now. At 4 months old we noticed her eyes crossing. At 6 months our pediatrician referred us to an opthamolgist. We finally got to see a specialist at 8 months. At 10 1/2 months (after months of patching for esotropia) we had strabismus surgery. It’s now 2 weeks later and her eye is turning back in again. I’m heart broken. I’m angry at the world. I feel helpless to help her. I’m pretty sure that our next step will be glasses. Her eye doesn’t turn in nearly as bad as it used to before surgery, but it is definitely turning in. Next week we have our follow up appointment and I’m expecting a prescription for glasses. This website encourages me greatly. I can’t find any other website for esotropia/strabismus support for parents. I think it’s about changing my expectations. When she was born I did not expect any of this…and she does have a few physical delays (probably due to her lack of depth perception). I’m wondering how I’m going to keep glasses on an 11 month old? Any suggestions?

  71. My son just turned 3 years old and was recently prescribed glasses for farsightedness of + 2.5 in each eye. His prescription is for +1.0 for the first year to give his eyes a chance to continue to correct. Is this normal?

    I purchased the Miraflex New Baby 2 glasses for him and it seems that they slide down his nose but the optician said to keep the band on the looser side….. if they are tighter they dont slide much but then there are some slight indents on his nose. His ears are big and floppy and with the glasses they seem to fold out a bit. Is this normal? Any tips on helping to fit the glasses better? It seems adding something to the bridge to prevent sliding might help, but what? Also, the band in the back is at the bottom of his hairline. Should it be higher? I also consider bending/flexing the bridge a bit to make them wider but then they are not straight, rather more tipped in the lense area. This is a whole new world to me as my husband and I do not wear eyeglasses……It has only been one day but I just want to make sure they don’t become painful when they are new so that he continues to want to wear them.

  72. This a picture of Jane when she was 11 months old and just getting used to her glasses. She has farsightedness. It has been 3 full months since she received her glasses and though some days are better than others she will keep her glasses all day (for the most part). She is a thumb sucker, and when she gets tired, this is usually when she notices that she is wearing them and wants to pull them off.

  73. Rhonda Fischer Hi, Please check out the book Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses that is beginning to hit every Optometrist in the country. A little whimsical boy, scared to go to the doctor and get his glasses. Written in rhyme and won best book for 2009 and given 3 awards. This book is comforting kids and helping them to love the…mselves just the way they are. Check out for free games to play to strengthen eyes. Please check out Jobson Optical who has partnered with Whim Publishing on getting Randy Kazandy out. We are also develping a designer Randy Kazandy lead free eye glasses for babies to adults. Also sponsored by Essilor Foundation.

  74. I have a 4 year old son that is all boy. I was wondering what brand of glasses to buy. MiraFlex or Como Babys or is there something else out there I dont know of. Please let me know what you think. Thanks RJ


    1. Try using a lanyard. That’s the best and really only thing you can do. They have the very stringy ones that you can sinch up to the back of her head. Believe me, they are gonna get broke. There is really nothing you can do about that. Your glasses should have a one year warranty on them. My optometrist knows my son all tooooo well. Good luck with the glasses and all that you are dealing with.

  76. hi
    my 3 months old has hard time on focussing.his eyes wander a lil ,his laft eye looks kind of moving away fm the centre.when he was born we thought his left eye kind of a lzy eye.he always turns his head to left and sees well.he blinks a lot inthe sun and kp his head tilted to left,also he blinks when he sees anythng thry hi rt side and hardly tuns to rt.he s good during his sleep.he hardly sees up in swing and carseat.he see rt in to my eyes while nursing and playing. he tracks far off objects bt cant hold his eyes to see them.does it sound like a strabismus?Does anyone had experience like this.
    I m a worried mom and need help. hes gt his appt with a Doc on Tues.

    1. Hi Sue, I’m glad you’re taking him in to see a doctor. It’s impossible to say based only on your description, but it absolutely sounds like you have good reason to take him in. Having an eye move away from center does sound like strabismus. Not being able to hold his eyes could be nystagmus, which sometimes goes along with strabismus. But again, I’m not a doctor Please let us know how the appt goes and what you find out! Best to you and your son.

  77. Hi! I’m mom to a 4 year old newly adorned with glasses for farsightedness and astigmatism. We had very limited frame choices to fit her locally and I got the smallest they had. She’s small for her age and needs a toddler sized frame. She’s still cute in them, but they are a bit big. We would like to get her a couple of spares and I’m shopping around for the right sized frames. I fell in love with the bright blue frames that the little boy, Koen is wearing in the gallery. The description says they are Super Flex, but I’ve not been able to find them anywhere. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to look for these? My daughter would love the bright blue and he seems like a small little guy, so I’m betting the sizing is right for my daughter as well. Thanks for any help from anyone!

  78. Hi
    i had a q abt my 3mnths old wandering eyes and i gt response from Ann Z that it cud b nystagmus and strabismus.It cud b m nt sure yet coz havent gt any appt with PO.Also i noticed recently that i cannot see my sons iris or shud say i jst see his fully dilated pupil.Also there s smthng on his pupil like its been scratch oy may b a floater. I dnt knw whther this all normL no m sure its not bt i m very sad i dnt knw if my Lo wud able to see in future.Nt sure whther he knws if m his mom,, he smiles back at me when i feed him bt if he is uprt and me standing in front of him he doesnt look at me.But i see my sons vision progressing every other day. I have 7 yr old son and always thot he needs sm1 to play with him and we planned to have another baby. But guys belive me, m nt even happy fr 1 day since he isa colicky, reflux and very fussy baby.that wasnt enough nw m sad and worried abt his vision.
    I have tears n my eyes while sharing this with u all and jst hope that my baby gets blessings frm u all.
    thx sue

    1. Hi Sue, I just realized I never responded. I do hope you’ve gotten your son to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. A very dilated pupil is really something that needs to be looked at. It can be a sign of glaucoma. Please let us know how you and your son are doing.

  79. hi all, being using this site for about 2 months now as my 3 year old abi has glasses +8 in both eyes. she loves looking at the photos of all the other children with glasses and i would love her to see her own picture here too. ann i did send a photos to your email could you please put it on your site or otherwise let me know if i need to send it again? abigail and i would be proud to be on your site. we are going again in september 22 for her 2nd appointment at the dr, and i was wondering what should i be expecting at the 2nd appointment? do you think her eyes would have improved in such a short time and does she have to go through the whole examnination again with drops and all. would love some advice from your experienced moms and dads. by the way i have also found the abigails lanuage development has improved so much and i see from above comments that that is quite common. so thanks for that. okay i will be waiting in anticipation for advice.

    1. Hi Jennifer, Sounds like we are going thru a similar thing, my son is almost 3 and is a +8 in both eyes as well.
      We have been for a few visits (seems to be every 2 months at this stage) to the Orthoptist in between new scrips and she didnt put drops in again, but just tested his sight with flash cards etc. To see if his eyes had improved/changed. Which they had not improved.
      Then she refered us to the specialist/opthamologist was about six months since last check with him.
      So if we are to see the opthalmologist for a new script then we had to get drops.

    2. Hi Jennifer, I sent you an email about the photo – please do send it again, I can’t find it, and I’d love to include it!

      I feel like Zoe had full examinations the first few appointments until her prescription started to stabilize. Her prescription did get quite a bit worse in the first few months. My understanding is that a lot of kids go through this. As their eye muscles relax with the glasses, their prescription increases, and then it sometimes slowly decreases as they get older. Just want you to be prepared for an increase in prescription.

      So glad to hear that things are going well with Abigail and her glasses! Let us know how the appointment next month goes.

  80. thanks once again for the advice. so i should not be expecting an improvement, hhmmm
    that is not what i wanted to hear. i would have loved to have heard something else. i suppose i must not get my hopes us then, this is a bitter pill to swallow acutally but i am glad that i hear it now than at the appointment.
    thanks guys will keep you posted.

  81. Hi Ann
    We had an appt at sick kids hosp Toronto and they cnfmd it Aniridia nad Nystagmus.Aniridia is a lack of iris so ther s no control over bright lights cox pupil is fixed and dilated.
    Thay took his blood fr genetic testing to chk if its hereditary or sporadic.They wil be doing his glaucoma testing, ultrasound fr kidneys to chk fr Wilms Tumor and catarct. Later on his vision test.
    Well he is dong fne indoors .he is reaching all his milestone with whateever vision he has.Usually they say aniridia have low bt useful vision.My son has imprved a lot fr the time we started noticing him.He tracks far off objects well and he even hold my fingers by looking at it and pick one to put in his mouth.He like s to see his hand s and feet and toes and try to pout them in his mouth. He has good strnght in his feet and abolutely fn on his tummy time and rolling over so well.sometimes i really cant belive that he ahs aniridia.
    Well there is a hope that oneday he will be fne coz i saw Dr assils video on trating a woman with aniridia and gv her avision of 20/40.Bt i think its only after 5 yrs of age, so i have to wait till he gets older.
    I will be udating abt his treatment fr moms who s lookn fr aniridia.

    Once again thx Ann fr ur support.

    1. Thanks for the update, Sue, and please do keep us updated. I hadn’t heard of aniridia before. I’m so glad he’s being treated and doing well at home. It sounds scary, but it sounds like you have a great attitude and I know he’ll do well.

  82. I just found out today that my (almost) 6 year old son needs glasses due to amblyopia in one eye. I am overwhelmed to say the least. I think that we are going to pick out his glasses over the weekend, but I am wondering if the glasses for amblyopia are blurry on the “good eye” side. He is starting Kindergarten next week, and I just don’t want him to be made fun of! Really looking for some insight!

    1. Welcome Jennifer! No, glasses for amblyopia are usually not blurry on the good side. You generally don’t want to occlude the good eye all the time, otherwise, you risk causing the brain to stop paying attention to the good eye. Generally, glasses for amblyopia will correct for any refractive errors on the eyes (often both eyes have problems, but one is worse than the other). Then, depending on the extent of the amblyopia, you’ll often need to patch the good eye for some amount of time each day.

      Good luck and let us know how things go!

  83. Hi , I am really happy to find this site. My son was diagnosed with farsightedness when he was 11 months old +6 in both his eyes. It took us a month to make him wear his glasses. It was like a battle won. Now he is three year old and his comfortable with it. The glasses have become a part of him , he asks for it as the first thing in the morning when he wakes up. There is also improvement in this prescription , it has gone down to +5. Really glad that we got him wear his glasses. For parents who are struggling to get their kid to wear the glasses , don’t lose heart. When kids grow up , they will thankfull for what you did !

  84. Hi Manjula,
    It was nice to read your words and to know the number deceased for your son.
    Is there any other eye exercise that you guys have been doing?

    My son is 3 and he is diagnosed with farsightedness with +3 in both eyes. Also does going to Ophthalmologist help?

  85. Our son Jack is two and just started wearing glasses. He has ambloypia and farsightedness in one eye and needs to be patched for three hours per day. This is the beginning of the journey for us.

  86. Thank god for this website. I spent yesterday bursting into tears every hour at the thought of my precious baby girl needing glasses by the time she reaches two for nearsightedness. These little cherubs look so cute, maybe I don’t need to worry about her little face after all.

    1. Oh Cheryl, I think we’ve all been there. It’s so hard to imagine that face and those eyes that you love having glasses in front of them, but I promise, your daughter will be beautiful. It took me some time to get used to Zoe’s glasses, but much less time than I feared, and I love how she looks with her glasses now.

      Good luck and keep us updated

  87. hi

    this is a really great website; very informative and an excellent resource for me my son is turning 4 soon and he was diagnose with with myopia and amblyopia when he was 3. i am just glad that we found that out soon than later ! I just want to say that my son’s myopia actually improved after patching and glasses . his amblyopia improved 7 lines on the snellen chart too. he has myopia in just one eye and it improved from -9.25 to -7.50. Btw, i give him bilberry supplements and goji berries every other day.vegan dha /omega 3 supplement as well. im not sure how much that help but i guess i am one of those moms who try everything as long as it isnt harmful or overly dubious ;) thanks so much for this great website. will visit again!

  88. I LOVE the pictures! I just found out my 2 1/2 yr old needs glasses and my heart sank, but after seeing all your wonderful pictures on here I feel sooo much better. They are absolutely adorable!!!

  89. thank God I am not the only one out here. We just went to the PO today and found out that my 21 month old needs glasses. We went and picked them out (I think they are the miraflex ones) and now I sit here and want to cry. I actually did cry when I read Barbs post on feeling like you failed as a parent because I feel the same way. I keep going through my head trying to figure out what I did to cause it or if there was one fall that may have caused her to bump her head extra hard that caused her eye to act up. I know all of this sounds funny but it’s crazy what Mom minds can do! Her glasses are taking about a week to get prepared and I dread Christmas break b/c I know it’s going to be a fight to keep those things on! She is a 5+ in one eye and a 4+ in the other. Again thank you all for the feeling of knowing I am not all alone.

    1. Oh Kristi, you’re not alone at all, and there’s definitely nothing you did to cause this. I totally understand dreading Christmas break – Zoe’s first pair of glasses arrived on Dec. 26. I spent the last part of Christmas break trying desperately to get Zoe to wear her glasses before she went back to daycare. Don’t let the glasses overshadow your holidays, and hopefully, the distractions of all the holiday happenings will distract her from the glasses.

      Keep us updated on how things go, and send us a picture of your daughter in her glasses!

      1. Kori got her glasses and everything is wonderful.She was so excited about being able to see that she hasn’t hardly messed with them at all. Her eyelashes are so long that they keep hitting the lens so I went and ordered her another pair. Her attitude has also changed, she seems so much happier now!!

  90. Hello, I would like to leave a picture of my son. I emailed it but I am not sure if it went through. Here is the link to the pic

    His name is Anderson, he is 14 months old, wears glasses for a unilateral cateract, the brand is Miraflex, which I love! He also wears a patch for 10 hours a day! My bloglink is there, as well. Thanks.

  91. I love this!! I never thought to look into a community such as this.. My little girl is 3 and has wore glasses since she was one (maybe younger, its so normal to us i loss track) she has nystagmus and optic nerve hypoplasia. I JUST LOVE THIS!! I look forward to learning and growing with you all//– im in tears here..

    1. Thanks Mea, and welcome! I’m so glad you found us, and I have no doubt we have a lot to learn from you, too! I’d love to post a picture of your daughter if you’d like

        1. Not a silly question at all. You can email me the photo, and I will add whatever information you want me to, and I promise, I will not do anything more with the photo (other than size it appropriately for the gallery). I do not include children’s last names or locations, and many parents prefer to only use an initial rather than put their child’s name in the gallery in order to protect their identity. I have a strict policy that photos included here may not be copied or posted elsewhere without written permission of the parent who submitted it, and I have had to enforce it twice (in both cases, they were very well-meaning parents of young children about to get glasses who were excited to share with friends how other kids looked in glasses). But, this is the Internet, and I do understand why some parents choose not to share pictures of their children. It ends up being a balancing act – I hear from a lot of parents that they are so thankful for the pictures shared here, it helps them to imagine their own child in glasses and not feel so alone, not to mention, many children have felt better about getting glasses after seeing pictures of similarly aged children here – but that benefit has to be balanced against your comfort with sharing a picture of your child.

          If you’re more comfortable sharing photos through facebook, you can join the facebook group and share a picture (or 2 or 3…) with the group. It is an open group, though, so anyone can still see the pictures.

          Also, I am happy to remove any photo after it’s been posted if you change your mind.

          And that was probably a longer answer than you needed.

    2. Hi Mea. I’m glad you found this website. My 2 (almost 3) year old has nystagmus as well and you are the first that I have come across here to share this “moving eye syndrome”. My little guy will have been in his glasses (he is severely near sighted) for 1 year next month. They really make a difference. The nystagmus seems to have improved a bit but I don’t think that will ever completely go away. Anyway, welcome!!

      1. Yes my 3 yr old had surgery when she was 2 for her crossing, and nystagmus (which caused a slight head turn when watching tv at times or to look at something directly) we tried patching but my little one is very stubborn and gave us a run for our money with that but we did that for quite some time…then the eye drop worked better for a while but soon after we agreed on surgery. The surgery was performed here in Philly at Wills Eye. On December 11,2009 And it was a great success her eyes look amazing!! And her eyes were all cleared up by Christmas..If your just meeting her you can’t even tell. She may need another surgery when shes older ( she still has a slight head turn) but I am very happy with her care we go every 3 months her doc who is also her surgeon likes to keep a close eye on her.. with her optic nerve hypoplasia in her left eye and the nystagmus and the crossing as soon as we meet her doc when she was almost one she said “im in this for the long haul” and I truly appreciate it.

  92. We found out about my son’s nystagmus the same way. . .that head turn anytime he had to look at something. In the beginning we all just laughed about it and thought it was cute but it seemed to be getting worse the older he got so we went to have it checked out. We haven’t had to patch (I don’t think my guy would be open to it either!!) but the glasses seem to all but eliminate that head turning. I’m so happy you’ve found a doctor that you like-it makes all the difference in the world. There is a doc very close to our home but I don’t find them to be friendly at all so we travel about a 1/2 hour or so away to go to the doctor.

  93. Thank you for this site! I just found out today that my almost 16 month needs glasses and I pretty much bawled all day long as if glasses are the end of the world or something. I wasn’t happy with the selection of frames at our PO’s office, so I’m starting the quest to find frames. These pics are all so cute, it’s actually making me a little excited to find the right ones for her.

  94. To Lily’s mom:
    I absolutely love the style of the Hannah Montana glasses! My daughter is 2.5 and when I set out to find her a pair of glasses, this is exactly what I had in mind: a miniature pair of something that would be fashionable for an adult. No wire frames, nothing circular; and while I think that Miraflex offers something very practical, especially for infants, I don’t find them to be a little much. But when I asked about this style for her, they kept teling me that it simply wouldn’t work on a child her age, that they wouldn’t stay on without a nose piece and that they were too big (even though they looked great to me). I was specifically looking at the Shrek line (Beautiful in Burgundy). I just think that if she’s going to have to wear glasses at this young age, there’s nothing superficial about wanting to find the cutest pair possible. So, can anyone tell me if they had a two-ish year old child in plastic-framed glasses (with no nose piece), and were they functionable in addition to fashionable?

  95. Hello, this website is fantastic, my son Jamie has been wearing glasse since 5 weeks old, is now eleven weeks and has started to wear a contact lense in his left eye……………….he was born with a congenital cataract in his left eye. Its so rare that websites like this are invaluable.

    Kerry, mother to Jamie (11 weeks old) UK

  96. I said a prayer of thanks for your website and all the moms willing to share their experiences on it!!! We just found out that our 4 1/2 year old needs glasses ( 6.50 and 6.25) and it is good to know that I am not alone with some of the things I’m feeling…the guilt for not knowing there was a problem….sadness that his beautiful brown eyes and cute freckles will now be covered by glasses. It will be fine I know and I am grateful we can do something about it! Anyway, thanks again for the honesty, information and wisdom of those that have been there and are willing to share their stories.

    1. Welcome Beth! I’m glad you found us. I so hear you on how hard it is to hear your child will need glasses, but with your attitude, it’s clear to me that you’ll be just fine, and I’m certain your son’s personality won’t be covered up. Keep us updated on how it goes when he gets his glasses. Good luck!

      Sent from my iPhone

  97. Thank you so much for this site! My 4 yo dd found out today she needs glasses and was a bit skeptical. But she feels much better about seeing all the photos of these cute kiddos. (she es

  98. really wonderful…..
    sreenivas. ngs. Ophthalmic Officer. Polavaram west godavari district. Andhra Pradesh India.

  99. My daughter Kiley is 20 months old, has had 4 open heart surgeries for multiple heart defects she was born with, so I was overwhelmed at first when she started crossing her eyes and we found out that she is extremely farsighted and now needed glasses. She just got them and is doing good so far, other than wanting to take them off, but it’s nice to be able to relate to others with the same experience.

    1. Welcome Season! My goodness your Kiley has been through a lot. I’m glad you found us, and so happy to hear that Kiley is doing well with her glasses.

  100. Hello! I am new here. A random lady on a random day approached me and handed me a card with the words “little four eyes” on it. I admit that it was a bit strange however, I am here now, months later and happy to be introduced! :) My daughter will be 3 end of February and has been wearing glasses since shortly after her 1st birthday.


  101. Just a fair warning about Walmart.. My son was prescribed +3.25 glasses to treat farsightedness and strabissmus when he was 26 months old. The original prescription was properly filled by Walmart. Over the course of the next year, he of course broke his glasses numerous times and they were replaced free of charge. When I took my son to his one year exam, my doctor informed me that his prescription at some point had been reversed to -3.25 by Walmart. Instead of his eyes getting better, they are now worse at +5. Just a word of caution to all you parents.

  102. jam nje gjyshe shum shum e deshperuar ……..nipi im Luis ka bere operacin katarakti kongjenital tek njer sy.Eshte 4 muajsh dhe cdo gje ka shkuar mire deri sot.Vajtem tek okulisti se duhet ti vendosim lente te syri i operuar..por lentja nuk na i qendron,keshtu qe duhet te mbaj syse ne njerin sy me numer +29.Jam e shokuar se si do ja arrijme.gjendja ne familje eshte e rendomte.vajza(mami i luisit) vetem qan .nuk po dim se cfare te bejme.
    Doja te dija ndonje qe ka qene ne kushte te ngjashme me ne.

    1. Iva, I ran your question through Google translator, and here is what it came up with:

      I am a grandmother desperate shum Luis …….. my grandson has made ​​Operation congenital cataract in one eye. Is 4 months and everything has gone well so far. Vajtem to ophthalmology that should decide the operated eye lenses .. but not lens stands us, so we must keep one eye syse number +29. I’m shocked how shall we get. situation at home is common. daughter (Mom of Louis) just crying. not dim what to do.
      I wanted to know someone who has been in similar conditions.

      I’m so sorry your grandson has a cataract and has needed surgery so young. There are others here who have very young children with cataracts. You can see all of the stories here about cataracts

      You might also look at our list of blogs, quite a few are from families who are dealing with cataracts

      I would also recommend the APHAKIC Support Group ( – a support group for parents caring for young children who have had cataracts. Or the PGCFA (Pediatric Glaucoma & Cataract Family Association)

      Best to you and your family!

  103. Hi Ann, my name is Chris. I just wanted to let you know how awesome this site is. I’m an Optician from a Optical family. My mom actually ran a Children’s only dispensary for years, so kids and glasses have a special place in my heart. I fully plan on pointing any parent who expresses concern about their kids needing glasses to this blog. It’s truely fantastic. Thank you very much!

  104. My little 2 year old Ocean was born with one eye crossed and farsightendess
    and something that would cause blindness without her new glasses that the doc. had ordred
    for her and she really loves them.She isn’t falling or running into stuff. Her glasses are Miraflex eye sight 5.25 – 5.26

  105. My little 2.8 year old’s first afternoon with glasses. He si diagonised with cylindrical power of
    -2.5 in both his eyes. Got him a light weight fibre frame with plastic glasses.
    The optician did not however have a string or band to hold the spectacle in place, i am wondering where i can source it or how i can make one?
    He is constantly shedding teras since 2 hours from when he is wearing them, is this natural?

    I am glad to have found this site, it is very supportive to read of the experiences of other parents & kids. Many thanks

    Bangalore, India

  106. Hello! Im Just On Here Trying To Get A Little Insight On Infant Cataracts! My Son Elias Was Born With Congenital Bilateral Cataracts… He Had Surgery At 4 Weeks Old, And Has Worn Contacts Ever Since, However We Just Bought Him His First Pair Of Glasses!!! They Are Miraflex! And We Looove Them! Im Not Sure Though If He Can See As Well In The Glasses, As He Can In The Contacts..

  107. Ann- Thank you so much for running this site. I’ve taken a lot of comfort over the past few weeks in knowing I’m not alone with so many of the fears/feelings/thoughts/concerns I’ve had over my little one’s recent need for glasses. I found your site when I needed it most and cannot thank you enough.

  108. I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes or so showing my daughter M all the pictures of your gorgeous children with glasses. She was thrilled and now wants to meet them all! She kept saying “They’re just like me!”. Although her brother also wears glasses, we don’t know any other children in them and she was so happy to see all these smiling faces!

    I’d better check with my husband first, but I’d love to add a picture of them both.

  109. My son is Two and we just found out he needs glasses due to farsightedness and “crosseyed” I havent had any luck finding him cute frames any suggestions?!

  110. My daughter Jahlilah-Rose turns two this October. She was born with a cataract in her right eye, which was removed at about 12 weeks. When Jahlilah- Rose turned one a intraocular lens was inserted. She now has glasses (miraflex), and it has really been a nightmare to keep them on her face. We are also having so much trouble patching( 2hrs every day). She has started grinding her teeth only on her prescription lens (not the left)lens. The right lens is in such bad shape, she can not wear them. We have fixed them once before for the same problem. Can anyone help??? Do you think the right lens is irritating her? This is becoming a problem for my daughter, the glasses are spending more time in the shop getting fixed, than on her face . Thankyou so much any feedback or advive will help.

  111. Thank you so much for this gallery. My 7 yr old was upset that she is going to have to wear bifocal glasses and exclaimed..”Mom no one else wears them!” Thanks to your gallery I was able to show her that lots of children wear glasses and yes a lot wear bifocals too.

    1. Hi Jazzy, thanks for the note. I’m sorry you’ve been through so much and are still experiencing vision issues. It’s so unfortunate that one of the common complications of cataract treatment is secondary glaucoma.

  112. Thank you! My 4yo daughter was diagnosed yesterday with astigmatism. We ordered her first pair of glasses and will receive them next week. She was already said that “Nobody in my class wears glasses”, but then I was able to show her all the pretty girls on here who wear them. (Her 7yo boy cousin wears them, but she was concerned about if there were girls that wear classes)

    1. Welcome Heidi! I’m so glad this page was helpful. If you’re comfortable with it, you should share her picture when she gets her glasses. I’m sure she’ll look beautiful, too!

  113. My daughter is about to turn 6 in August. I got her tested at the Optometrist as her teacher had noted in her report for school that she wasn’t doing too well with her acknowledging of numbers and letters, and became quite distracted. She wanted to test my little girl for Dyslexia, so I thought, why not start with an eye test. Turns out my little girl has issues with reading, and seeing the distance, as well as stigmatisms. She needs glasses, and apparently will do for the rest of her life. My struggle is with finding really nice frames for her, as she needs progressive lenses, and they seem to restricted to the type of frames, and they usually don’t have any really nice frames for kids that will suit her lenses….any ideas?

    1. Hi Yvette. Good for you for getting her eyes checked! Do you have any locations near you that specialize in children’s glasses? If possible, that’s where I’d start, since they’ll have the best understanding of frame types that will work.

      I don’t know a lot about frames for progressive lenses, since a lot of doctors prefer bifocals for young kids. What did they say the restrictions were?

  114. What is considered extreme farsightedness? Love looking at these pictures but haven’t a clue of what these Rxs are. My son will be in +4.5 in each eye, and I know his eyes will be magnified, but how much. I’m getting calculations that his lenses will be .5″ thick!

  115. I’d love to send you a picture of my little girl Imogen in her glasses….she is adorable!!! Glasses on children are awesome!!! love your site :)

  116. My 1st grade daughter’s friends try to cross their eyes at home so they can get glasses like my daughter. They are pink Hello Kitty frames. Hysterical!!

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