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  8. My 2 year old just got glasses and after like an hour she took them off and was acting like she had a headache and now she REFUSES to wear them. Does anyone have any advice on how to get her to wear or keep them on?


    • Hi Shelby, I would try again first thing tomorrow and see if it goes any better. Is your daughter farsighted? If so, she may need to learn to relax her eyes and let her glasses do the focusing for her. Otherwise, if she’s still complaining of a headache after another day or two, I would see if you can get the prescription on the glasses verified to make sure they were made correctly. The other thing would be to make sure that the frames are not hurting her.

      Best of luck


    • When my 1 year old got glasses it took me a week of persistence to get them to stay on.

      Each time they come off, calmly replace them being careful to not speak or make facial expressions. Be reaction-less. And keep replacing them. If you have glasses, let her put yours on you. There will come a point where she realises she can see easier in them. Praise her for keeping them on when she does, maybe ask her what she can see when she wears them.
      I guess the trick is to remain positive but not make a big thing of it, 2 year old like to find something to power struggle with don’t they.
      Also if it’s any reassurance I was so sure my toddler didn’t need them and thought she was getting headache and that they were making things worse, like her squint. We have a brilliant optician and he explained to me how accurately they can take prescriptions with the drops and light shining, and that she would adjust. He was right, and we’re 2 years later with her astigmatism gone completely and her prescription down.


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