9 years in glasses & why you should get your child’s eyes checked

Zoe’s 9 year anniversary of getting her first glasses was at the end of December.  Her Glassesversary, as I like to call it.  At this point, she’s had glasses for 90% of her life — her glasses are so much a normal part of her that it didn’t warrant more than a passing mention, and me asking her for a photo for comparison.


[visual description: Header says “9 years in glasses” with a photo of a 14 month old Zoe on her first day in glasses, another photo of her at 10 years old, and a photo of her first pair of glasses next to her current frames.]

I was recently reminded of how little awareness there still is about how important it is to catch and treat vision issues early.  I am very certain that one of the reasons Zoe is doing so well now is because we got her eyes checked and got her in to glasses when it became clear that she needed them.  I’ll be publishing a series of resolution posts in the next couple of days that talk more about ways to increase awareness.


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