Congenital glaucoma support?

Stacie commented on Mia’s update and included a question that I wanted to put on up on the blog to reach others.

My 3 year old has just been diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. . . Are there any congenital glaucoma online parent support groups?   I can’t seem to find one, and am toying with the idea of starting my own.

If you know of any such group, or if you’d be interested in joining one if one got started, you can email Stacie at connersmom @ petersengraphics . com, or leave a comment and I’ll get it to Stacie.


8 responses to “Congenital glaucoma support?

  1. There are great support group for parents dealing with cataracts and glaucoma, yahoo APHAKIC (association of parents having a kid in contacts) and yahoo PGCFA (pediatric glaucoma and cataract family association) there is also the PGCFA website that has a lot of information on these eye conditions. There are a lot of parents that post on these forums that have been dealing with eye problems for years. The APHIKIC support group deals with cataracts, however 80-85% of children that have had cataract surgery develop glaucoma so this forum has a lot of information as well as the PGCFA group.

    If anyone would like any information concerning cataracts or glaucoma please let me know My daughter is only 4 months old, however I have conducted a lot of research and I feel like I have been dealing with these conditions for years.



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