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Children’s Eye Foundation 2014 photo contest – Best Buddies to See You Through

It’s again time for the annual Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest for their calendar.  The Children’s Eye Foundation  is the foundation of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS).

Take a look at this year's calendar.
Take a look at the 2014 calendar.

The theme for this year’s photo contest is “Best Buddies to See You Through“.  Once you submit a photo, people can vote on their favorites.  The top 10 vote-getters will win a camera, and a panel of judges will choose from all submissions the photos that are featured in the calendar.  Voting is open until August 31, 2014.

A number of kids from our community are featured in the calendar each year (of course they are – our kids are super cute!).

Take a look at the full rules for the contest, and submit your photo.   If you do submit a photo, leave a comment here letting us know which photo you submitted.

You can also vote for your favorite photo!  You can vote for one photo once each day.

Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest – Updated June 2

2013 Eyecare for Kids calendar
2013 Eyecare for Kids calendar

Updated, June 2, 2013: I’ve added photos at the bottom of this post that have been submitted from this community.  Because of the way the photos are organized and displayed, there is no way for me to link directly to the page that a photo is currently on.  You’ll need to page through to find the photo you like best.  Please consider voting for one of these!  You can vote for one photo each day.

If I’ve missed your photo, please leave a comment or email me (ann@shinypebble.com).


It’s time once again for the Children’s Eye Foundation‘s annual photo contest for their Eyecare for Kids calendar.  I really believe that our kids can be great advocates for children’s visual health and that they’re also undoubtedly good-looking enough to win photo contests, so I would really, really like to get some of our Little Four Eyes in this calendar, and I encourage you all to vote for entries with kids wearing glasses or dealing with vision issues.

If you enter a photo of your child, leave a comment with a link to the page with photo, and the title of the photo.  I’ll add the links to this page so others can find it easily and vote for it if they wish.

 Eye Care for Kids Photo Contest details

  • Sponsored by: Children’s Eye Foundation
  • Contest is for: Photos to be used in the annual fundraising “Eyecare for Kids” calendar
  • Who can enter: Anyone
  • Prizes: Top 10 vote-getting photos receive a digital camera; A panel of judges then choose 12 photos to be featured in the 2014 calendar.
  • Theme: The theme for the calendar this year is “Sights of the Seasons.” With this in mind, entries for this contest should be “photographs involving children, eye care, and/or the beautiful things that clearly show different seasons throughout the year.”
  • Submit a photo: Only one submission per household
  • When can you submit: Any time between now and September 20, 2013
  • Voting: Voting is live now, and runs until September 27, 2013.  You can vote for one entry every 24 hours
  • More information

Photos from our Little Four Eyes community

Click here to vote!

(if you don’t see your child’s photo, let me know in the comments, or email me ann@shinypebble.com, and I’ll add it).

Pictures (of various sorts)

  • I realized I was horribly behind in updating our photo gallery.  I’ve taken care of that, and we’re up to 159 fantastic pictures, there.  As always, if I somehow missed a picture you sent me, I am sorry.  Please let me know.  And if you’d like to have your child’s picture in the gallery, send (ann@shinypebble.com) the photo, or a link to it, along with any text you’d like included, and a quick sentence giving me permission to post it.
  • Speaking of photos, the Children’s Eye Foundation has published their 2013 Eyecare for Kids calendar.  The calendar features photos from its I Care for Eye Care photo contest that it holds each spring.  As always, there’s some great pictures of kids in glasses featured in it.  Proceeds from the sale of the calendar to go the Children’s Eye Foundation, you can also download the calendar in pdf format.
  • Speaking of the Children’s Eye Foundation, they recently posted an interesting link on facebook about an eye chart that is still commonly used in pediatricians’ offices that is not based on any research or studies – the kindergarten or sailboat chart shown here.  That post spawned quite a bit of conversation about eye charts that are commonly used.  The two charts with pictures that are approved by a variety* of groups here in the US are the LEA symbols (the square, circle, apple, and house) and the Allen symbols (the birthday cake, horse, tree, bird, telephone, hand, and jeep).  Also approved are the tumbling E chart (where you indicate which way the E is facing), and the H, O, T, V chart (which uses only the letters H, O, T, and you guessed it, V), as well as the familiar letter chart, once your child is good with letter identification.
  • and finally, speaking of facebook (I am the queen of topic transitions tonight!), we have a new spin off group called Little Four Eyes Marketplace a place to pass along, for free or not, glasses frames and other little ones’ eye and glasses related items.  And our original Little Four Eyes facebook group now has well over 2,000 members!  If you’re on facebook, please join us.

*The groups that have approved the charts mentioned are: the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Association of Certified Orthoptists, American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

link round up – taking photos, patching kits, and the Great Glasses Play Day

I thought I’d do a quick link round-up, since it seems like there’s a whole lot going on right now:

  • Celebrate the Great Glasses Play Day with me on Sunday! – I know I’ve been talking about it a lot, and the day is nearly here!  Check out the list of all the different ways to celebrate.  Everyone who celebrates (and lets us know they’re celebrating) will be entered in a giveaway for some great giveaways!
  • Tips for photographing people in glasses – what I love about this article is that the author, Jodi, is a photographer, but also the mother of a child in glasses.  Her tips are practical and very helpful.
  • Tips for choosing glasses for your child – the picture on this page drives me crazy, since the boy is wearing adult frames, which obviously don’t fit him, but I thought this was a great list of tips to think about when choosing color, shape, and fit of glasses for your child.
  • Patching kits – the Children’s Eye Foundation has put together patching kits.  They contain 30 patches, 10 each from 3 different companies (Ortopad, Nexcare, and Krafty) so you can try different types before you commit to buying a full set.  Let me just say how fantastic this is – from reading the comments here and on facebook, it’s clear that different kids do better with different brands, and what a great way to find out which ones work best for your child.  The kits also come with coloring pages, a calendar with stickers to track your child’s patching progress, and pages of tips and tricks.  The kits are $15 in the US.  They will ship internationally, but shipping will cost more.  If you don’t want to buy the kits, the coloring pages, calendar, and page of tips and tricks are available for download for free (scroll to the bottom of this page to download).
  • Ohio Amblyope Registry – this is a program for Ohio residents that provides free patches and free information for families of children with amblyopia.  They also have some good information about amblyopia and its treatment up on their website.

Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest

Children’s Eye Foundation’s 2012 Visions of Home calendar (click to see a pdf of the full calendar)

Update #2: There have been some technical issues with voting.  Any computer will be able to vote for a photo only once (not once a day, just once).  This means that parents who have entered their child can’t bug friends and family to vote for their picture more than once.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to look through the photos here and the photos on the site and vote for any that make you smile!

Update: Check out the photos below that have been submitted by readers.  Click on any picture to be taken to the page to vote – please take a moment to vote for them or any other photos you like if you have a chance.  And please leave a comment to let me know if you’ve also entered a picture so I can add it to the list!  Scroll down for details about the contest and how to enter

Star Bright
Sweet Lily
Happy to see
Twins in glasses
IOLs+Bifocals = Amazing Peepers
The bravest girl we know … Lila
Little Cutie
This is my beautiful
surfer dude


It is once again time for the annual Children’s Eye Foundation’s photo contest.  The photo contest is run each year to choose pictures for the foundation’s Eye Care for Eye Care calendar.  Take a look at last year’s calendar, it’s a beautiful calendar, with a number of Little Four Eyes readers’ children included.

This year’s theme is “Jeepers, Creepers…Amazing Peepers.”  The top ten vote-getting photos will win a digital camera.  A panel of judges will also choose 12 photos from the submissions to use in the 2013 calendar.

The contest is open to anyone.  You can submit a photo on the Children’s Eye Foundation site, and see the full terms and conditions.  The contest is open until September 27, 2012.

If you do submit a photo, would you let me know by leaving a comment?  I’ll start a post listing the photos that have been submitted by the community so that others can vote for them if they’d like.

Monday night round up of links – calendars, pledges, and fun glasses-themed apparel

I haven’t done a link round up in a while, so here’s a few to check out!

  • 2012 Visions of Home calendar

    Children’s Eye Foundation 2012 Visions of Home Eye Care calendar (this link goes to the store, but you can see the full calendar by clicking the “View the 2012 Calendar” link).  This is a beautiful calendar, featuring images of children, many of whom wear glasses.  Children’s Eye Foundation has run a photo contest each summer since 2009 to find photos for their annual calendar, and this year’s calendar is my favorite so far.  Proceeds from the sale of the calendar support the Children’s Eye Foundation.

  • VSP Eye Pledge.  VSP is asking people to take a pledge on their website to take care of their eyesight.  For every pledge they receive, they will donate an eye exam and pair of glasses to a child served by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
  • Pinterest board – Little Four Eyes.  There’s been a lot of discussion on the facebook group of cute clothes for our kids that are glasses-themed.  Christie has started a Pinterest board of images of such clothes.  Check it out, and feel free to leave links to others you’ve found.
  • A Book Lover - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
    "A Book Lover"

    Speaking of cute glasses-themed attire…I just today realized that all of my favorite t-shirts from Threadless were created by the same designer, Lim Heng Swee aka “Ilovedoodle”, and that many of his designs feature animals that just happen to wear glasses (and many of them clearly love reading, too).  You can see all of his shirt designs here.

Couple of things : coloring pages and photo contest

Two quick things to share with you all.

First, Amomofelly sent me three more coloring pages!  They’re very sweet.  I’ve put them up on the Gear page, check them out.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I’d love to have some of these pages after they’ve been colored.  Send photos or scans to me (ann @ shinypebble . com) to help celebrate our 3rd birthday.

Second, the Children’s Eye Foundation just announced the start of their third annual “I Care for Eye Care” photo contest.  The theme this year is “visions of home.”  The 12 photos with the most votes receive a digital camera, but more exciting for me is that photos are also chosen to be published in their 2012 calendar.  I feel strongly that this calendar should include pictures of kids in glasses.  And I also strongly believe that we have a lot of beautiful kids here. The last two years, we’ve had a lot of photos end up in the calendars.  If you do submit a photo, let me know, and once voting starts, I’ll post links to our submissions, so we can support each other.  Full rules for the contest are here.

Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest

It is time again for the Children’s Eye Foundation’s “I Care for Eyecare” photo contest.   Children’s Eye Foundation is the foundation of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, their aim is to ensure that all children receive proper eye care, and to encourage physicians to enter the field of pediatric ophthalmology.  Each year, they run a contest to get submissions for a calendar that they sell as a fundraiser.  Last year was the first year they asked for photos, and anyone who was reading at that time probably remembers that we tried to get as many of our little four eyes into the contest, and into the calendar (you can see the submissions from our readers here – three of those submissions ended up in the 2010 calendar).

This year’s theme is “love at first sight,” which they say could include images that “portray the love a between a baby and parent or family or the love found via a child’s first vision or life experience.”  That’s a pretty open category, and I would really encourage all of you to consider submitting a picture of your child.  I know from the photo gallery (which I desperately need to update) and from the facebook group, that we have some incredibly photogenic children and talented photographers, and I firmly believe that the calendar from the Children’s Eye Foundation should have many pictures of beautiful children who have directly benefited from great eye care.   The top 12 vote-getters will win a digital camera, and a panel of judges will choose 12 photos from the submissions to include in the 2011 calendar.

Like last year, let me know either in the comments or in an email (ann@shinypebble.com) if you’ve submitted a photo and the page and title of the photo.  I’ll post the pictures and links to vote for each of them.  Even if you don’t submit a photo, I’d love if you stopped by and voted for one or more of our photos.  At the moment, it looks like you can only vote for one photo a day.  I’ll keep this page updated and link to it from the sidebar of the blog so you can easily get to it and see new entries and vote.

This year they’ve changed some of the rules, probably for the better:

  • Entries can only receive one vote from the same person in a 24-hour period of time. If it is determined that an entry is receiving multiple votes from the same IP address within a 24-hour period of time, the entry will be subject to removal without notice.
  • People who won cameras in last year’s contest can still enter to have their photo included in the calendar, but they will not be eligible to win a camera.  People who submitted photos that were included in the calendar can still enter, and can still win.
  • Entries are subject to removal at any time without notice.
  • Each family is allowed one submission.
  • You can see the full list of rules here.
  • Voting runs until Oct. 1.

Photos submitted by Little Four Eyes readers (click on the picture to get to the voting page):

I love cupcakes!
Love my little world
Love from first sight
Mother's day kisses
Big sister love
Big sister love
Like dad, like daughter
Brotherly love - Sofie and her brother Aiden
Learning about my world and loving it
Aubrie - The love of dance



Last day to vote in the Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest – updated

Update - the contest is now closed.  According to the website, results will be posted by July 10.  I wish I’d grabbed final numbers, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

It seemed like the photo contest would never end.  For months, people would ask me if the voting was over, and how Zoe and other Little Four Eyes kids were doing.  Well, voting is over at the end of the day today.  Currently, I can’t even get to the CEF website because the server is too busy.  Some of our photos are doing quite well in the contest, I’m hoping at least a couple will be in the top 12 – winning the submitter a digital camera.  As for the photos that will be in the calendar… Children’s Eye Foundation says they’ll choose the photos from the top vote getters, though I don’t know what the cut off will be.  If you manage to get in to vote, I hope you can vote for a few of our pictures (or all of them), so we can get as many as possible in the running to be in the calendar.

Click on over to the photo contest post to see all the pictures submitted and links to vote.

Monday morning round-up (April 6, 2009)

  • Study on the prevalence of eye problems in young children - A recent study was just published in Ophthalmology this month, which is believed to be the first comprehensive eye disease study among urban pre-schoolers, “Prevalence of Refractive Error among Preschool Children in an Urban Population: The Baltimore Pediatric Eye Disease Study.”  (Abstract – which is pretty dense, Press release from Johns Hopkins where the study was done).  I had been looking for statistics on the number of young kids (under 5) with vision problems, and hadn’t found any definitive studies.  This study is pretty close to exactly what I was looking for.  According to the article on the Johns Hopkins site, 5% of the over 2000 children examined have significant refractive errors that require glasses, but only 1% were being treated.  I’ve ordered the full article to see if there’s more detail – I’d love a further break down by age.
  • Printable “Welcome to the eyeglasses club” certificates from the Backyardigans.  I think I may make some similar version of a certificate that Zoe can give to any friends that may someday need glasses.
  • Bennett’s got a confession – the title combined with the picture made me laugh.  And not to worry, Heidi said they were able to bend the frames back into shape (memory titanium frames from Zenni).
  • Children’s Eye Foundation Calendar Photo Contest – We have 13 photos from this community submitted, so we can definitely fill the calendar with our kids!  Vote early, vote often! Some of the pictures are doing pretty awesome, though there are still 3 pictures in the top 12 that have nothing to do with kids.  New goal: down with the flowers!  There are a few great pictures of kids in glasses that I love (and vote for) that I don’t know if they’re from this group.  If you’ve entered a picture and you’re not listed on my voting page, can you let me know?  I want to keep track and help you get more votes.
  • Question – related to the point above…Any interest in creating our own Little Four Eyes calendar?